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ORAC Will Make Fun of Me

Utter Defeat and Devastation at the Hands of Science

Stupid Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher the Vaccine Man.

My estimate of Bill goes down every time he opens his mouth about vaccines. He backs away from a couple of his more outrageous claims, but doesn't get it that 90% of what he says is outrageous. Yes Bill, we know, exercise, eat a balanced diet, and smoke a joint to keep the deadly mosquitoes away.

Orac has promised a thorough fisking for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to some not so respectful insolence. It's here and while your at it read Steven Novella's takedown

But I simply must disagree with Bill about the seatbelt analogy.

By the way, when Scott Pelley asked the government spokesman about the fact that only one percent of people who get the flu find it to be anything other than a typical, mild flu, the answer was an analogy to seatbelts, that "only 1 percent of people riding in a car will be in an accident, but you don't want to take a chance on being that 1 percent."

That went unchallenged, which is sad, because what a horrible analogy! I would think vaccines containing many different dicey substances shot directly into the bloodstream have a slightly greater chance of secondary effects than a piece of fabric lying across your waist. Maybe if you had to swallow the seatbelt this would be a good analogy.

Bill, as usual, missed the point. It's a great analogy because vaccines, like a seatbelt may on occasion cause harm but 99 percent of the time they're beneficial. They cause harm in different ways Bill, so your comment about ingesting a seatbelt is just stupid. A seatbelt might on a rare ocassion kill someone who would have survived had they been thrown free, but like vaccines using them is the odds on way to increase your chances of survival.

Bill Maher Removes All Doubt

Bill Maher, not satisfied with his title of dumbass, went for fucking idiot. It was no contest, he secured the title while not exercising even a single brain cell, a practice he is making his trademark. He sounds like Jenny McCarthy, and Jim Carrey and the rest of the woomeisters. The quality of his arguments is pathetic. He had allergies as a child and wonders if it was the vaccinations he received. He has no proof he just wonders. The fact that hospitals serve jello in Bill's world is an argument in favor of healthy people don't die. Chris Matthews did a pretty good job with a medical experts all over the world are crazy, but not you. But Bill cinched the argument against vaccines with, lots of people feel the same way as him. That's right Bill, you're not the only fucking idiot on the planet just one with a platform where you can do real harm. The article you referred to as evidence that the debate had been revived was interesting. The gist of it was they're are a bunch of nuts debating an issue that is just as settled as evolution. Bill you're doing real harm. I'm sure you didn't read this far, but this describes you perfectly. You're disgraceful.

The increased interest is frustrating to health officials, who are struggling to persuade an already wary public to line up for shots and prevent the spread of the pandemic. . . “I wonder if the people disseminating this false information about this vaccine realize that what they are doing could result in some people losing their lives,” said Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding, the director of the Department of Public Health for Los Angeles County. The comments of vaccine dissenters, which he said “politically come from the left and the right,” were frequently “not just counterproductive,” he said, “but downright disgraceful.”
Maybe I'm being unfair to Bill, here is more thoughtful balanced take on Bill, and Michael Shermer has written Bill an Open Letter.

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Real Time with Bill Maher
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Bill Maher is a Crazy Person

It's quite clear, Bill Maher is a fan of science only when it conforms to his view of the world.
Frist: On the swine flu cause I know you really believe that.
Maher: You say that like you think I'm a crazy person.
Frist: Here you are.

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Real Time with Bill Maher
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Correlation vs. Causation