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The Legend of a Heretic

The Legend of a Heretic - Campaign Stops - 2008 Elections - Opinion - New York Times Blog

Both John McCain and Barack Obama have been peddling their spiritual wares lately. Mr. McCain recently made a high-profile pilgrimage to meet evangelist Billy Graham and his son Franklin, while that same week Mr. Obama endorsed the essence of President Bush’s faith-based service program. Now, both candidates have agreed to appear at a forum at the California megachurch of influential evangelical pastor Rick Warren.

(tip to akira)

This article reminded me of an incident that occurred many years ago.

Many here may consider me an extremely outspoken atheist, and I am, but I’ve mellowed over the years. There was a time when my car sported the magnetic bumper sticker, Religion is the Problem not the Solution, magnetic because the religious contrary to their rantings are not very tolerant, a keyed door panel convinced me it wasn’t prudent to have such in-your-face messages permanently affixed to one’s car.

But back to my bumper sticker and those loving tolerant God fearing souls who populate our cities and towns. I was driving down Interstate 15 one Sunday afternoon with my family, this was when gas prices were under two dollars a gallon and my two boys were young, maybe 6 and 10. We pulled even with another car, an older couple, perhaps on their way to visit their grandchildren, or maybe on the way home from church. They looked over at us, seeing, what I’m sure they thought was the standard issue happy Christian family out for a drive. They smiled their we-approve smile, and then a strange thing happened, we pulled slightly ahead of them and they noticed the bumper sticker. Their smiles immediately turned to frowns and the frowns to sneers, their heads then snapped to the straight ahead position. You’d have thought we’d turned into the devil and his minions, so much for "love your neighbor as yourself." In the past 20 years the intolerance toward non-believers has, I believe, increased. Indeed, religion is still the problem and not the solution.