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Links With Your Coffee - Saturday

  • Pythagoras, imagine that. (tip to Nigel )

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  • Australia’s Prime Minister Defeated After Four Terms This must be good, a friend of Dub's taking a drubbing.
    Prime Minister John Howard of Australia suffered a comprehensive defeat today, with a coalition led by his Liberal Party losing its majority in parliament.

    After four terms in office, he will be replaced by Kevin Rudd, a Labor Party leader and former diplomat. Mr. Rudd, 50, campaigned on a platform of new leadership looking for new answers for new challenges. He has said his first acts as prime minister will include pushing for the ratification of the Kyoto climate agreement and to negotiate the withdrawal of Australian combat troops from Iraq.
  • Animation: What they say, what we hear Animation
  • Are we safer? - Los Angeles Times
    We have more than six years of experience with the Bush administration's war on terror, and there has not been another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. But can the administration take credit for that? Below is a link to a report card on what the administration's counter-terrorism strategy has achieved, and what it has cost. The figures are drawn from official government sources, reliable news accounts, institutional reports and our own continuing review of data.
  • Pharyngula: Stem cell breakthrough
    A recent discovery in stem cell research is no minor event: researchers have figured out how to reprogram adult cells into a state that is nearly indistinguishable from that of embryonic, pluripotent stem cells. This is huge news that promises to accelerate the pace of research in the field.

    The problem has always been that cells exist in distinct states. A skin cell, for instance, has one set of genes essential for its specific function activated, and other sets of genes turned off; an egg cell has different patterns of gene activation and inactivation. Just taking the DNA from a skin cell and inserting it into the egg cell isn't necessarily going to create a functional egg cell, because genes essential for egg cells may be switched off in the skin cell DNA, and we don't know how to specifically switch them on. The process of somatic cell nuclear transfer has been hit or miss for that reason, with very high failure rates—scientists are basically trying to make the right configuration of genes switch on by giving the nucleus a good hard kick, and hoping that something in the cells will reconfigure the pattern of gene activation into something appropriate.
  • Run Household With Battery? Apparently, it is not only possible to run a household with a battery, but to run 25,000 with a battery: a battery that uses uranium hydride.