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Prayer Day Debate Continues

The Story of Suzie

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Prayer Explained

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Clasp Your Hands Say Yahweh

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Clasp Your Hands Say Yahweh
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National Day of Prayer

Tradition my ass, it was George W. Bush who broke from tradition. And it wouldn't matter if it were a tradition. The president really has no place telling me that I should pray.

Who Said Prayers Don't Work

I often get mail from onegoodmove readers, here are some excerpts from a recent one I enjoyed.

An Epiphay

After giving the matter a lot of thought (triggered by reading a really interesting article in the National Geographic about brain injury), I've pretty much come to the conclusion that there probably isn't any God, so I should stop worrying and enjoy life. Yes, it's a mass-transit related epiphany. If there IS a God, he sure doesn't seem to do much...

And an Amusing Anecdote

As you may remember, we Mormons are always trying to bless sick people. It's a fairly standard operation to call up the elders or the home teachers and have them pour a little olive oil on your head and say a prayer over you. The expectations for outright healing are usually really low (God's will and all that) but people still ask for blessings just the same. For my own convenience I haven't been very outspoken in my new opinions. Though I am now convinced that I have no supernatural ability to mend bones and sinews, nor to kill bacteria or thwart viruses, I'm occasionally asked to give a blessing which I gladly do. My good friend and neighbor had a persistent, nasty cough and asked me to minister to her. My prayer over here went along these lines: " God wants you to go see a doctor right away. Take charge of your own health, be assertive and demand attention from your busy doctor, then do what he tells you to do. Amen." So she did. Who said prayers don't work, anyway!

Nobody Answered

A couple of my favorite clips from Clint Eastwood's latest Gran Torino. Definitely worth seeing.

note: Quicktime has problems with Windows Vista 64 bit, it blacks out the progress bar. Here is a temporary solution from the Apple discussion forum:

Though not a perfect solution, it has worked for me in various programs. In order to get the progress bar to appear in quicktime plugins, you need to run the host application (firefox, ie, etc), in Windows XP (SP 2) Compatibility Mode. To do this, right click on the application or shortcut, chose properties, navigate to the Compatibility tab, and chose "Run the program in compatibility mode." The default should be XP SP2. This worked for me in firefox and in some tutorial videos I have that embed quicktime inside their own UI. Hope this helps, as I haven't yet seen it anywhere else.

Prayer Meeting

The Now Show's Marcus Brigstocke on God, Detroit, and the Reverend Charles Ellis, a man who has a special way with words, really. "We have never seen as midnight an hour as we face this week," he told the congregation.


SUVs at altar, Detroit church prays for a bailout

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BBC Radio 4 The Now Show

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The Power of Prayer

Palin and Religion

Need something, just pray.