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Andy's Links - Monday

  • Follow any one of the spirals with your mouse cursor, and let me know when you get to the center Click on the image for more.

  • Circuit Diagram So that's how they make it. I wonder now which part of it is the one that makes my hand light on fire when I touch it at the church (ye with naughty minds, click on the link to see what "it" is).

  • Being White is Awesome (youtube)

  • Study Reveals Dolphins Lack Capacity To Mock Celebrity Culture

    According to a paper published last week in the journal Science, when presented with photos of music, TV, and film personalities, dolphins failed on every occasion to mock the well-known public figures, missing countless opportunities to take mean-spirited potshots at their hair, past romantic partners, or breast implants.

    "Frankly, this is shocking," said Professor Michael Hodges, lead author of the study. "Given their impressive brain-to-body ratio, we believed dolphins would be capable of trashing Lady Gaga, or at the very least, succeed in rolling their eyes at Kendra Wilkinson's post-baby weight gain. Instead, all we observed were blank, snarkless stares."

    "Apparently these creatures aren't as highly evolved as we had thought," he added.