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Can the Internet Help Human Rights?

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  • 'Vote on freedom of expression marks the end of Universal Human Rights' by International Humanist and Ethical Union - (Oh, this is not good news.)
    For the past eleven years the organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), representing the 57 Islamic States, has been tightening its grip on the throat of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yesterday, 28 March 2008, they finally killed it.

  • Privatizing Our Security, Wasting Our Money |

  • Spending will make you happier, but not the way you might think
    Research over the past several years has steadily contradicted the capitalistic assumption about human nature. For instance, it is well known that there is only a weak correlation between income level and self-reported happiness across the globe, with the relationship plateauing (meaning that additional money does not increase happiness) at surprisingly low levels of income. And yet, people keep playing the lottery, or its white collar equivalent, the stock market. Why?

    Dunn and colleagues have recently published an intriguing paper in Science magazine (21 March 2008) which begins to present us with a surprising answer: apparently, we literally don’t know what makes us happy. The researchers conducted two surveys and one controlled experiment, with the results of each clearly pointing toward the same conclusion: people feel significantly happier when they spend money on others, regardless of how much money they make. For instance, one of the data sets concerned the self-reported happiness of a group of people before and after they got a bonus at work. The results clearly showed that “prosocial spending was the only significant predictor of happiness” after people received the bonus, and this effect “was significant when controlling for bonus amount.” In other words, it didn’t matter how much of a bonus people received.

  • The Mighty U.S. Trained And Supported Iraqi Army(Bag News Notes where the pictures tell the story.)

  • Contrary to Reports, Nationals Fans Weren’t ‘Booing’ Bush(On a personal note, can't believe they call the team the Nationals, the Senators was a much better name in my opinion.)

  • Housing Prototypes: Trinity Buoy Wharf (more on container housing)

  • Doctors Support Universal Health Care: Survey -
    More than half of U.S. doctors now favor switching to a national health care plan and fewer than a third oppose the idea, according to a survey published on Monday.

    The survey suggests that opinions have changed substantially since the last survey in 2002 and as the country debates serious changes to the health care system.

    Of more than 2,000 doctors surveyed, 59 percent said they support legislation to establish a national health insurance program, while 32 percent said they opposed it, researchers reported in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

    The 2002 survey found that 49 percent of physicians supported national health insurance and 40 percent opposed it


  • YouTube - Helter Skelter X (video from our good friend t;he amazing rx)