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Gypsy's Music to wind down

Last week I recommended music that would pump you up; this week I'm responding to requests for music to wind down an evening or week:

Charles Griffes Three Tone Pictures. The recording I have is the 2nd in the list - Buffalo Phil with JoAnn Falleta. This one has a number of pieces for a lazy day. The Tone Pictures are the shortest on this list of recommendations. You might also check out the recording with Sherrill Milnes (he is from my hood after all), Ozawa and New World Chamber Orchestra.

Alan Hovhaness Symphony No. 2, Op. 132 "Mysterious Mountain". I had some students perform a work of Hovhaness's recently. He was something of a mystique and, like Griffes, had a penchant for eastern music. The recording with the American Composers Orchestra is another one for a subdued day/evening.

Henryk Gorecki Symphony No. 3, Op. 36 with Dawn Upshaw. This is the definitive recording, at least currently. Very meditative music, taking texts from 1. Holy Cross Lament from the "Lysagora Songs," 2. Prayer inscribed on wall 3 of cell #3 in the basement of the "Palace" (Gestapo headquarters in Zakopane), and 3. Polish Ave Maria (Zdrowas Mario). This work is a plea for peace, and is both a crafty and peaceful composition.

I have themes to take us to Thanksgiving; if you have ideas, call them out.