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You may have noticed that I've upgraded to the latest version of the Movabletype software for the blog. It seems to have solved some of the problems we were having with the comments. You can also now reply to a specific comment if you desire.

Movabletype has also made it possible to add a forum that will accept your current user name and password if you're registered for the blog. It is a place to continue discussions started here as well as to introduce new topics that you don't find here but would like to discuss. You can use markdown as well as simple html for your posts there. Give it a try if you'd like, and if you encounter any problems or have any questions please send me an email with the details.

If your username isn't working on the forum send me an email with the username and I'll fix it.

update: I've discovered that typekey registrations don't allow posting of topics on the forum. You will need to create a native movabletype login to post topics, the user you create for the forum will also work on the blog.

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