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An Efficient Machine

I've just started reading Your Brain Is (Almost) Perfect: How We Make Decisions by Read Montague and was so amazed when I read the following that I needed to share it with someone:
The style of computation used by the brain is very different from that of the computers inhabiting our cars, offices, and server rooms. The energy efficiency of operation for the entire human body is staggering. The average hundred-watt lightbulb costs about a penny an hour to run, at average market rates for electricity in the United States in 2005: around ten cents per kilowatt-hour. Go ahead and check you monthly bill. A human being sitting comfortably in a chair consumes energy at a rate of about a hundred watts, roughly equivalent to the average lightbulb! And this consumption is running literally everything—digestion, blood pumping, breathing, mental function, and a myriad of other processes. The brain consumes about a fifth of this rate; therefore, while sitting, the brain costs about a penny every five hours to operate, less than a nickel a day—now, that's an efficient machine.