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Colbert Testifies Before Congress

This is awesome. Think Correspondents Dinner 2: Correspond Harder.

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House Republicans took their shots in the hearing. "Maybe we should spend less time watching Comedy Central and more time looking for the jobs that are out there," said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), the ranking Republican on the subcommittee. Later on, King even accused Colbert of not actually doing typical farm work during his one-day stint with the UFW, claiming that the comedian was packing corn into a box in an unusual manner. Colbert responded in full deadpan with his own zinger: "I was a corn packer. I know that term is offensive to some people, because corn packer is a derogatory term for a gay Iowan."

And another video.

What the hell is wrong with American politics that the best material from a satirist comes from CSPAN?

The President of the United States