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The Wedding of Church and State

Oh hi! Have I shared this before? Roy outdoes himself.

Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

  • Terminator 2: My Mission is to Protect You (I'd love to hear your thoughts on the many issues raised by this article)
    In discussions about GE crops, one of the contentious topics that often comes up is the use of what has been effectively dubbed “Terminator” technology. These are crops that are engineered to produce sterile seeds that cannot be regrown. The use of this technology to force farmers to repurchase their seeds every year is often what causes the greatest objection from opponents of genetic engineering. But what is interesting is that like the films where this technology gets its nickname, it can also be used to protect seed-saving farmers.
  • Vishy wins, retains World Championship title
    Viswanathan Anand, playing black in the final game, avoided a decision by rapid and blitz tiebreak. In a balanced Queen's Gambit Declined, the World Champion took a shot at weakening his Bulgarian challenger's king. Veselin Topalov panicked, as in a flash his chances were dashed and the Bulgarian could wrap up his defence. A fantastic final game by Anand who retains his crown.
  • The More You Know
  • Dan Barker Pwns Fox News
  • Is Greenpeace Secretly Working for Monsanto

    The information in the beginning of the post is a bit dated, but there is anti-trust news about Monsanto currently in progress, but it was the last paragraph of the post that caught my attention. Your thoughts?

You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor's Male or Female Slave

Ohio Judge Has No Right To Push Religion In Courtroom, Says Americans United Watchdog Group Says Judge's Commandments Poster Is An Unconstitutional Endorsement Of Religion

The Water of Life

Pat Condell's latest.

What Are They Thinking?

South Carolina to allow gang signs on their licencse plates.