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Secular Xmas Carol/ Secret Goat Santa Program

Boing Boing just featured this. Good song and nice idea for a charitable donation. Mr T-Cash recomends Oxfam that does the same sort of work without Religious affiliation. I believe Heifer International also doesn't have a religious affiliation despite religion being involved in its founding.

If you are celebrating and Atheist Christmas next week, you can also Check out Vienna Teng's Atheist Christmas Carol.

Obama's Socialist Christmas

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White Wine in the Sun

(Thanks to Jonathan for the link)

It's Christmas Time*

*This does not apply if you cannot document your immigration status (Latinos only) are gay or belong to a union.

Just your friendly reminders that you may feel the spirit of giving this season, but some Christian "Charities" aren't so interested in helping those that don't agree with them.

Starvatation army.jpg

Boing Boing did a nice piece on the Starvation Army today and their new policy of not giving to those of questionable immigration status.

Salvation Army and other charities require proof of immigration status before needy kids can have toys

Berto in the comments section did an excellent job of summarizing a few of their recent acts of discrimination.

1) 2003: It's anti-union (privatized seniors' housing)

2) 2004: It's homophobic (tried to blackmail NYC using homeless, just as the Roman Catholic Church recently tried to do in DC)

3) 2008: It's transphobic (turned a transgendered homeless woman away from a SA shelter; the woman died later that night)

As a kid I knew the Salvation Army as the Starvation army from old labor songs. They haven't changed much from the organization that would refuse help to striking workers.

If you can't recite a bible verse and swear allegiance. Please starve in the street quietly so as not to disturb the deserving.

Links With Your Coffee

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  • Let the War on Christmas Begin
  • Beyond belief
    An excellent article on non-fundamentalist religions.
    Some sophisticated arguments for God have been made in response to the New Atheists. Richard Norman puts the ‘New Believers’ to the test.
    A religion built around metaphors and stories, rather than doctrines, seems to me to be inherently unstable. If talk of divine creation is just a metaphor for the awe-inspiring beauty and complexity of the natural world, it can hold that meaning for anyone. The stories are a common heritage. We all share in the riches of a culture which includes not only the Bible but the great literary and artistic treatments of the Bible stories – Paradise Lost and Haydn’s Creation, the glories of Renaissance art, the life and death of Jesus in Handel’s Messiah and the Bach Passions – and, increasingly, the images and symbols and art of other religions. “We” here includes humanists. So what is it that sets the religious apart? Isn’t an identity based on metaphors and stories always going to be fragile and porous? I cannot see how, in the end, a distinctive religious identity can be possible unless it is based on the acceptance of at least some non-metaphorical factual beliefs – beliefs about the existence of a personal deity and about how his intentions and purposes explain our world. Those beliefs do, inescapably, need to be rationally defended. And they can’t be.
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Season's Greetings


I'm going to be out of town this week and posting will be hit and miss, mostly miss. Have a great holiday and hug your mom, she won't always be there for you.

Mocking Bill O'Reilly

(tip to Jef)

Santa, Does He Exist?

A sketch from the last edition of a new BBC Radio 4 show - Listen Against A bit of satire featuring Jon Holmes a regular contributor to "The Now Show" A big thanks to our man in Great Britian, pedantsareus, for the clip. There's no question Santa will be visiting his house this year.

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