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Signs You're Not A Religious Accommodationist

There are those who want to give special privilege to religion. They want it to have protection from criticism not afforded other domains like politics or science.

They say that being civil and polite in your dealings with religious people and institutions is a sign of accommodationism, they're wrong.

However, there are some certain signs that you're not being an accommodationist.

The following are clear indications that you are not an accommodationist and are offered in the hope that even the religious among us have a sense of humor.

  1. You say superstitious bastards instead of people of faith.
  2. You volunteer to baptise the neighbor's kids at Niagra falls.
  3. You laugh when people ask you what church you belong to.
  4. You cheer for the lions in the movie "The Ten Commandments."
  5. If in the hospital you prefer cash in lieu of prayers.
  6. You say nice costume to the Pope on Halloween.
  7. You say, are you batshit crazy instead of, oh you're a Catholic, that's nice.
  8. You try to convince the priest there is no god at confession.
  9. If your neighbors don't invite you to church anymore.
  10. If you returned your Templeton Prize.
  11. If you wear an atheist t-shirt
  12. If when you look at the moon you see a celestial body not a smiley face.
  13. If you keep wondering why church goers are always talking to the ceiling. (redseven)
  14. If upon finding an image of the Virgin Mary on your cheese sandwich you snap her head off on your first bite.
  15. If you give up Jewish zombie meat for Lent." (inwit)