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VIEWPOINT: McGovern Warns Obama of LBJ Legacy

In 1964, President Johnson said of Vietnam that "I don't think it's worth fighting for, and I don't think that we can get out. It's just the biggest damn mess I ever saw.'' Yet Johnson escalated the conflict and America became bogged down in Southeast Asia for more than a decade. Former Senator George McGovern recently sat down with ANP and said that President Obama runs the risk, like Johnson with his Great Society program, of hobbling his ambitious domestic goals if he continues to send troops into Afghanistan.

Where The Wind Blew - A Short Review and Giveaway

I occasionally get offers of books to review, and usually I’m smart enough to turn them down. I’m sure I miss some good reads, but my experience has been disappointing for the most part when I accept a free book. I violated my self imposed rule recently, and accepted a copy of Where The Wind Blew by Bob Sommer and for a change I wasn’t disappointed. The book is about a sixties Vietnam war protestor, Peter Howell, think a Bill Ayers type, who is involved in the bombing of a defense contractor’s building and the unintentional death of several employees of the company as well as several of his comrades.

Peter Howell, now Peter St. John escapes the carnage and is on the run. He eventually establishes a life, a wife, a family, all in the dark as to his past. His political instincts awakened by some fundamentalist lunacy cause him to run for the school board, a mistake that soon sends him on the run again.

The story paints a vivid picture of the history of the time. I was 18 when the Vietnam War started, and the author does a wonderful job of creating a sense of time and place that brought back my memories of those days. It captured the frustration, the anger, and the helplessness that we all eventually felt about the débâcle that was Vietnam.

The book is a fast paced then and now examination of our country and its culture. I had a hard time putting it down.

I'll take all requests for the book left in the comments during the next 24 hours, or so, and then use a random number generator to determine the winner. I'll then ship the book at my expense to the winner. The offer is limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada. My apologies to my good friends in other countries but the cost of shipments to other destinations is simply too high.

Note: The offer is open only to currently registered commenters others are welcome to register for future giveaways but will not be eligible for this one. Please make it clear if you want to be considered for the book or are just commenting.

note: I normally take very good care of my books, but must confess that this one mysteriously acquired a slight coffee stain on the fore edge.

And the winner is, Kaleena

McCain's Big Lie

John McCain seems to think that being a 'war hero' and a POW means he can tell lies about his support for the military. There are others who have served their country in the military who are in the perfect position to call him on his bullshit.

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Countdown w/Keith Olbermann
Keith's latest book is Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values