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Disaster in Japan

  • Earthquake in Japan (photos)
    I have an uncle and his family in Ibaraki. They're fine, but god damn. His daughter (my little cousin) was closer to the epicenter (she's fine too). Can't imagine how desperate people are to find if their loved ones are OK. Yesterday night I was hanging out with a Japanese friend, and the news broke on the TVs at the bar. She couldn't even get her family on the phone (fortunately they're fine as well), and they're fairly far from the disaster.

  • Did the "Supermoon" Cause the Earthquake? Nope.

    The idea of the Moon affecting us on Earth isn't total nonsense, but it cannot be behind this earthquake, and almost certainly won't have any actual, measurable affect on us on March 19, when the full Moon is at its closest.

    So, how can I be so sure?

  • Propagating Waves
    I've received and seen some messages with concern about CA. All looks clear for CA. (See link below.)

  • The Japan Tsunami Casually Hits the San Francisco Bay