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The Family in Uganda

Our old friends are back and more despicable than ever. One has to struggle to imagine an example that would better illustrate the terrible impact religion can have in government. (Ok, maybe this was in V for Vendetta)

NPR reported early in November on the new laws that increased the punishment for those being found to be homosexual. It also punishes those that do not turn in known homosexuals.

What they're just doing now is to make it more harsh on people and you see that is being unconstitutional, anyone promoting homosexuality is being criminalized now. If a teacher knows that children, the student is gay or lesbian, he doesn't report within 24 hours, the teacher is also going to be convicted.

While that is frightening enough, the bill does more than just that. It goes so far as to sentence some gays and lesbians to death. That's right, death. Blogs have been breaking the story.

Under current Ugandan law, homosexuality is a crime punishable by life in prison. The proposed law would not just condemn HIV positive gay men and "repeat offenders" to death, it would also jail for three years anyone who knows a gay man but refuses to report them to authorities.

So who is behind this bill? Well the author of the bill is also the founder of Uganda's national prayer breakfast. Just like the National prayer breakfast here in the USA. The breakfast sponsored by the family. These are same people sponsoring the breakfast in Uganda.

We reviewed a lot of the history of who the family is in a forum post last summer.

The long and short is... They are Born Again Christians that see it as their mission to build an army for Jesus so that he can return. They have pushed to increase the evangelical Christian Chaplains in the US Army. They have strived to recruit national elected officials to join their ranks. They have used those Chaplains and those leaders to try to frame the wars in the middle east as a war between religions, a holy war.

Rachel Maddow had a good report on this featuring Jeff Sharlet.

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