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Religion Attempts to Ruin Everything

(Via Atheist Media Blog)

Ok, so this video troubles me in a few key ways.

  1. Comic books are clearly a very secular medium. References to Gods are very rare and usually involve superman wrestling Hercules or Wonder woman calling on Athena. His attempts to make them Christian inspired are silly. The idea of super heroes is that they are truly out to save everybody, bot just one religious group.

  2. If the American Comic book heroes weren't secular, the 99 couldn't team up with the Justice League without book burnings occurring.

  3. These cartoons are likely all as lame as his clip. The most interesting enemies in comic books are always Aliens, and Sci Fi always assumes there is no God. And for good reason. Could you imagine meeting a species from across the galaxy and asking, "Did Jesus/Muhammad tell you about us, because he didn't mention you to us?". Blank stares... And if the Muslim children of the world enjoy stuff this boring we have already failed them beyond understanding.