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Thanksgiving Traveling (And TSA Jokes)

I don't think something has really changed, but what sparked all this hoopla was the viral recording of the guy refusing to get his "junk" touched. Seems to me the ball just kept rolling after that, but this problem is not very new from what I can tell, it just got more attention. Which is good I guess.

I think that guy in particular was just being a jerk to the TSA agent though. Anyone who has worked dealing directly with customers, knows that they are as much of an asshole as workers, but we as customers usually feel in a superior position and complain that we are always treated horribly. I think it's just cognitive bias, we only remember the times when the employee was a jerk, but not us. I've been both a pissed customer and a pissed worker and customers are just as annoying, and as often, in my experience. It's just people, we are like that (not an excuse though). By the way, always tip your waitress/waiter.

So, to these customer types, the counterargument:

  • They say the holiday protest against the TSA, in which people were planning to opt out of the machine, failed. Kimmel may have the explanation. (Youtube)

  • TSA jokes.

    "TSA says they are going to crack down on the invasive pat-downs. In fact, one agent was transferred to another parish." —David Letterman

    "People are concerned that the new airport security scanners could lead to pictures of their genitals ending up on the Internet. Apparently no one has told them that without pictures of genitals, there would be no Internet." —Conan O'Brien

I am a little uneasy with all the indiscriminate sexual jokes though. There have been women who were sexually assaulted and are traumatized. But then I don't see that much of a problem with the machine though, you only get touched if you opt out of it.