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  • First round of ill-informed objections to the first synthetic bacterium

    There have been a couple of common directions taken, and they're generally all wrong. This is not to say that there couldn't be valid concerns, but that the loudest complaining voices right now are the most ignorant.

  • Potential New Mechanism of Pain Relief Discovered

    An appropriate title for a purposely misleading study.

    In a rational science-based world, the above would be the end of this blog entry. But that is not the world we currently live in. In this study, the chosen method of provoking pain was the insertion of an acupuncture needle into the "Zusanli point" of the lower extremity and rotating it. This allowed the authors of this study to spin the results as if they were validation for acupuncture itself - and the mainstream press dutifully followed suit.

  • Argument from Authority Rebuttal (Youtube)

  • Bunch of Wackos Bid on Newsweek

Related, best headline of the week: