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It's Christmas Time*

*This does not apply if you cannot document your immigration status (Latinos only) are gay or belong to a union.

Just your friendly reminders that you may feel the spirit of giving this season, but some Christian "Charities" aren't so interested in helping those that don't agree with them.

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Boing Boing did a nice piece on the Starvation Army today and their new policy of not giving to those of questionable immigration status.

Salvation Army and other charities require proof of immigration status before needy kids can have toys

Berto in the comments section did an excellent job of summarizing a few of their recent acts of discrimination.

1) 2003: It's anti-union (privatized seniors' housing)

2) 2004: It's homophobic (tried to blackmail NYC using homeless, just as the Roman Catholic Church recently tried to do in DC)

3) 2008: It's transphobic (turned a transgendered homeless woman away from a SA shelter; the woman died later that night)

As a kid I knew the Salvation Army as the Starvation army from old labor songs. They haven't changed much from the organization that would refuse help to striking workers.

If you can't recite a bible verse and swear allegiance. Please starve in the street quietly so as not to disturb the deserving.