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Oh Sinner Man, Where Are You Going To Run To?

contributed by Charles Lemos

Video to Good Night Irene

Video to Oh Sinner Man

Don’t Say It Can’t Be Done, the Battle Has Just Begun. –Pete Seeger

If There’s Ever A Time to Speak Out, Now Is the Time. –Ronnie Gilbert

When I reflect on why I am a liberal, there are so many reasons I can point to but few more poignant than the power of song. This past Sunday night was I reminded of that fact with a powerful documentary on the life and song of Pete Seeger, a founding member of one my favorite groups, the folk group from the 1940s and 1950s, the Weavers.

The song that launched their short commercial career in 1949 was Good Night Irene, the old Leadbelly standard. It was the B-side to their single of Tzena, Tzena, Tzena, an Israeli folk tune. Good Night Irene was the hit single of 1950 and the Weavers became an overnight sensation and sadly a force to destroy. In the McCarthy red scares, they were blacklisted.

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