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Only In Utah

This week in crazy: State Sen. Mark Madsen of Utah

The Republican had a big idea to expand Martin Luther King Day -- pair it with a holiday for a gun manufacturer

Some holidays just naturally go together. The proximity between the February birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, for example, makes them a natural pairing for one all-purpose, sale-a-bration-centric day off. But trying to combine an assassinated civil rights leader's day of remembrance with the birthday of a gun manufacturer? That's just wack.

And yet this week, Utah state Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain, took a shot at just that, submitting a bill to the state proposing a "John M. Browning State Holiday." Though the text of the bill itself was left blank, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported that "a draft has been circulating in the Senate that would combine the current King holiday with a celebration of Browning, an Ogden native and one of the most significant pioneers in firearms manufacturing."

Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


  • The thing about fear is that people get used to it, so the threat always needs to be escalated | Corrente

  • "The Illustrated President" by Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)
    (tip to Joel who writes:
    I thought you'd like this item from Harper's -- about a painting beloved by Bush because he identifies with the primary subject whom he describes as a Methodist missionary spreading god's word, but who actually is a horse thief fleeing a lynch mob. The obvious irony leaves little reason for further comment...

  • Mythbusting Canadian Healthcare, Part II: Debunking the Free Marketeers |
    Government-run health care is inherently less efficient -- because governments themselves are inherently less efficient.

    If anything could finally put the lie to this old conservative canard, the disaster that is our health care system is Exhibit A.

    America spends about 15% of its GDP on health care. Most other industrialized countries (all of whom have some form of universal care, either single-payer or entirely government-run) spend about 11-12%. Canada spends about 8-9% -- and most of the problems within their system come out of the fact that it's chronically underfunded compared to those other nations. If they spent what the UK or Germany do, those problems would mostly vanish.

    Any system that has people spending more and getting less is, by definition, not efficient. And these efficiency leaks are, almost entirely, due to private greed. There is no logical way that a private system can pay eight-figure CEO compensation packages, turn a handsome a profit for shareholders, and still be "efficient." In fact, in order to deliver those profits and salaries, the American system has built up a vast, Kafkaesque administrative machinery of approval, denial, and fraud management, which inflates the US system's administrative costs to well over double that seen in other countries -- or even in our own public systems, including Medicare and the VA system.

    Not incidentally: one of the benefits of single-payer health care is that it largely eliminates the entire issue of "fraud." You can only "cheat" a system that already views its primary business as rationing and withholding care. In Canada, where the system is set up to deliver health care instead of profits, and medical access is considered a right, this whole oversight machinery is far cheaper and more compact. In general, the system trusts doctors and patients to make the right choices the first time. As a result, people generally don't have to lie, cheat, and grovel to get the system to deliver the care they need. They just go and get it -- and walk out without a moment's dread about the bills.

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Only In Utah


Only In Utah, No Shit

This is the Place

Fahrenheit 451: Randall Draper, the psychiatrist at the Utah State Prison, needs to receive his e-mails.

    But one associate who needed some psychiatric information and sent Draper an e-mail at his Corrections Department address never heard back from the doctor.

    That's because Draper never got the e-mail.


    It contained a word that rhymes with whit. So it was zapped by the state's e-mail filtering system before reaching the intended recipient. Draper's associate re-sent the e-mail, removing one letter from that word to turn it into "hit," and it went through just fine.

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  • Only in Utah
    Woman jailed for 'neglected' lawn

    A 70-year-old US woman has been left bruised and bloody after an unexpected clash with police who came to arrest her because her lawn was dry and brown.
    (tip to Kirk)
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    In this conversation with D.J. Grothe, Hitchens discusses his new best-selling book God Is Not Great, which is his contribution to the recent slate of best-selling atheist titles. He also explores various strategies for challenging religiosity in our society, the immorality of the Bible, how religion is bad for one’s health, his many recent public debates with believers, and what he calls the war between the West and Islamism. He also comments on the relationship between atheism and intelligence, atheism and great literature, and the need for a “New Enlightenment.”
  • Jesus for the Non-Religious
    This is not, as the title suggests, a theological riposte to the hugely popular God-denying books by Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Rather, as Spong, a retired bishop, explains in the prologue, it tries to answer the 21st-century questions: "Is it possible, Jesus, that we Christians are the villains who killed you? Smothered you underneath literal Bibles, dated creeds, irrelevant doctrines and dying structures?"
  • Gore Vidal Sounds Off on Solar Power Caper
    Note to public utility companies: Do not cross Gore Vidal. A week after representatives from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power came to his Hollywood Hills home to inspect (and then shut down) his newly installed solar power system, Vidal is still “on the grid,” unable to use solar until the system is fully re-inspected. As his fans would expect, the puissant author and tough customer has let fly with some strong words about the utility company, the state of California and the state of the country at large.
  • Audio of RFK Jr. Live Earth

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Only In Utah

A Utah legislator is concerned that " Some bars and clubs currently sponsor Texas Hold'em nights, where participants receive chips for free and can win prizes in a poker tournament." He's alarmed because this is a gambling-like activity. Fortunately his proposal is only for bars and clubs. Can you imagine forgoing the gambling-like activities we enjoy every day, like betting on what stupid bill will get a hearing in our state legislature. Oh yes, and my wife informs me that our getting married was a gamble. Life is like that, one gambling-like activity after another.

Only In Utah

Only in Utah, a continuing series of stories highlighting the 'fun' of living in the Beehive State. In Utah smoking and drinking rank high on the list of crimes against humanity and so it's not surprising that Richard suffered at the mere hint of impropriety, as reported by Paul Rolly in the Salt Lake Tribune
What's in a word? Richard Lainhart took a last-minute package filled with Christmas gifts to the U.S. Postal Service's self-service Salt Lake City Sunnyside branch to mail it just before Christmas. The next day, the postal carrier brought the package back to Lainhart's house as "undeliverable." The carrier said the box couldn't be mailed because it contained the label "Wine Glasses." In Utah, just the word "wine" made the contents contraband, even though they had nothing to do with wine.

Only In Utah

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Quicktime 7 required

A Full Quiver of Children

Only In Utah

KANAB - After unanimously endorsing a conservative think tank's resolution supporting the "natural family," Kanab's City Council is coming under fire - naturally.

   Gay-rights advocates and even some residents are scolding city leaders for embracing a nonbinding proposal that:
   l Labels marriage between a man and a woman as "ordained of God."
   l Sees homes as "open to a full quiver of children."
   l Envisions young women "growing into wives, homemakers and mothers and . . . young men growing into husbands, home builders and fathers."

Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

Michael Moore alert

Some pharmaceutical companies are telling their employees to look out for the scruffy guy in the baseball cap.

Reader Trace sees a connection between this story and this image

The Future of Books

Only in Utah Speaker of Utah House to join firm that helps developers, but he doesn't expect any conflicts of interest. Right.

A Lethal Combination SUVs Seen as 'Too Much Car' for Teen Drivers

Only In Utah Redux

You remember this story of professor Only in Utah who used the F-word yep he said Fuck, well here is the update and more evidence that the holier than though crowd are intolerant assclowns.


Another in our continuing series of "Only In Utah" though perhaps I should change it to "Only In A Red State"
Important Update Here
original source

SUU professor's cussing may hurt his tenure hopes
Oops: He let a swear word fly during a heated classroom debate and later apologized

A popular political science professor dropped an "f-bomb" in class at Southern Utah University, and the fallout has triggered a departmental probe and student allegations that the Cedar City school may deny the teacher tenure. Stephen Roberds - the choice of the university's students for professor of the year in 2003-04 - let loose with the swear word last month during a dispute with a student about a Supreme Court ruling. At one point during the debate, Roberds asked: "What the [f-word] are they teaching you in criminal justice?" - referring to an academic discipline that SUU recently combined with political science. Roberds quickly apologized to the student and his classmates, according to senior Tasha Williams, a political science major who witnessed the exchange. "The student [involved] told me personally that he and professor Roberds had chatted about it for more than 45 minutes," she said. "[The student] said it was resolved. I don't understand why it's still an issue." But it is.

Continue reading "WTF" »

The Case Of The Purple Pen

A self appointed guardian of what is "good and right" is removing the "hells" and "damns" from books based on the "Murder She Wrote" TV series. She's changing them to "hecks" and "darns." The culprit is using a purple marker. The library has called upon other patrons to keep their eyes open in a attempt to solve the crime. Only in Utah and maybe Texas are there so many self appointed morality cops. I think when they catch the perpetrator they should force her to listen to Lenny Bruce audio book continuously for twenty-four hours . Link

Only In Utah

Who wants a DVD player that automatically deletes all the juicy bits of movies? One guess
Mark Morford provides another contribution to my ONLY IN UTAH series.

Because what the world really needs now is more uptight little companies from Utah that will help us all block out the random messy naked blood n' guts of the world.
This is what is happening. This is the happy godlike agenda of Utah's ClearPlay, a twee and shrill little corporation that has taken it upon itself to sit around the cube farm all day and watch countless Hollywood flicks and zap out any and all icky violent suggestive material in, say, "Lost In Translation." For your protection. How kind.

ClearPlay has, thank the Lord Almighty, developed a method that automatically bleeps out and/or completely skips over words, scenes and entire sections of Hollywood films it has deemed offensive or inappropriate, and displays the rest in sanitized, defanged, nipple-free form, so you won't ever find yourself having to explain to your precious wide-eyed heavily Ritalined 8-year-old just exactly what part of Penelope Cruz Tom Cruise is sucking in that one part of "Vanilla Sky." I mean, praise Jesus.
What a fabulous idea. Dammit, if only more companies would get into the act of protecting us from the crap put out by other, more heartless companies.

And then if only someone would launch a company to protect us from the crap put out by the company that is ostensibly protecting us from crap put out by the first company. Why, you'd never have to think for yourself ever again. What a wonderful world.

Only In Utah or Maybe Texas

Rolly & Wells: Booze board better watch its language

Rule makers at Utah's Department of Alcohol Beverage Control apparently are too foul-mouthed to get their e-mails past the state's censor patrol.
A proposed rule change dealing with private clubs was posted earlier this week by the Division of Administrative Rules. The rule was not sent to subscribers, however, because it was blocked by the Division of Information Technology Services, which is programmed to automatically eliminate messages containing offensive words.
Division Director Ken Hansen said the problem has been solved and the rule was resubmitted on the electronic highway. The offensive words: "sexually oriented adult entertainment."

Orrin Hatch pisses me off, and it's not only that I agree with him on very few issues. It's his arrogant in your face attitude. I send him an email expressing my distaste for his current position, it happens all the time, and he responds in one of three ways. He writes that he only responds only has time to respond to his constituents. He must mean only constituents that agree with him, or he sends me the form notice telling me he appreciates my opinion but oh so sorry I've made up my mind. I've even received an email thanking me for supporting his position when my email to him took exactly the opposite view. So I was more than a little amused when I read this story in the Salt Lake Tribune this morning. You remember it is Hatch that is going to destroy your computer you copyright infringing bastards naughty people. Ooops

Hatch site in breach of software's terms

Sen. Orrin Hatch, who seeks stealth technology to remotely fry recalcitrant Internet pirates' computers, learned Thursday his own Web site contained questionable software.
The revelation -- unveiled on the "Amish Tech Support" Web log run by an unemployed Houston systems administrator -- set off an international scramble for answers.
Laurence Simon said he became curious about Hatch after reading his Tuesday comments -- and a Wednesday clarification -- suggesting means should be developed to remotely destroy the personal computers of those who persist in illegally downloading copyright music, movies and software.
"What he said prompted me to visit his site. I liked it, and when I see something really neat on a Web site, I always look at the source code," Simon said.
A Web development hobbyist of 10 years, he said he was surprised to find Hatch's site ( was built around a copyright Java- Script menu system developed by Milonic Solutions Ltd. of Birmingham, England.
In an e-mail interview, Milonic's Andy Woolley said his $900 menu code is made available free for personal or nonprofit use -- the latter a category under which Hatch probably could qualify.
However, the senator's site clearly was "in breach of our terms and conditions" even in the latter case, he said.
Woolley said nonprofit use requires the Web site designers to include a link to his commercial Internet location (, and leave all imbedded copyright information unchanged. Finally, users are asked to inform Woolley of how they will use his menuing code.
None of those requirements was met before the site went up in August, he said, noting he had not had any contact with Hatch's office or his Web site developer, GSL Solutions of Tampa, Fla., over the matter until after Simon's revelation.

Good news, Orrin is now in compliance. I guess he was worried he'd have to destroy his own computer.

Only In Utah

original source

How to Save Water

It's good to see our leaders finally taking steps to encourage water conservation in our high desert valley. However, they are overlooking an official policy of waste that could save enough water each year to keep the front nine of every public golf course verdant. Let's stop watering down our beer.
Until this cruel drought is broken, how about a special exemption in the Utah Code allowing beer to be bottled at its natural strength and not require dilution to meet regulations?
I feel confident that the Utah beer-drinking community would embrace an emergency measure of this sort and I believe a significant number of golfers would too.

Michael Waters
Salt Lake City

Only In Utah

Sometimes it's embarrassing to admit you're from Utah. No, that's not quite right. It's usually embarrassing to admit you're from Utah. It has nothing to do with the State itself. There is much to recommend living here, unbelievable scenery as anyone who has visited can attest and of course not everyone here is nuts. The majority of the population live in the Northern half of the State, you've all seen the pictures during the Winter Olympics but the scenery we are probably best known for is in the southern part of the state. Here is the view from my deck and here is one of the images that make Southern Utah so rightly famous, but I digress. Embarrassed you ask. Yes, it's the people. A true honest to god soap opera has been playing out over the past few years right here in my backyard. Perhaps you are aware that although illegal, polygamy is flourishing in Utah. One polygamist Tom Green was a little too brazen for the authorities and got himself in trouble. Arrested, convicted and he now spends his days at the Utah State Prison. Tom probably wouldn't have been bothered if he had kept more to himself like the hundreds of other polygamists do. It is not unlike smoking marijuana. If you are discreet it is unlikely you'll be bothered. Of course if you light up and blow smoke in the wrong direction, well you're asking for it, aren't you? Anyway the self-righteous among us pointed out how terrible the polygamist life-style was and how this terrible man couldn't even support his many wives, to the point that they were illegally collecting public assistance. But now it has become truly bizarre. It seems that the prosecutor David Leavitt wants us to help pay for the upkeep of the family. Duh, wasn't that one of the reason's we sent him to prison. Mr. prosecutor views the wives as victims, but even so he wants to help them move closer to the "victimizer". I'm not sure what the point is, more convenient visits, conjugal visits. You see what I mean. Yes and he wants State Government to provide financial help. Go figure.