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Jimmy Kimmel Hosts the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Kimmel doesn't usually get political, seems he had a lot of stuff bottled up.

Trick the Bridesmaid

Besides being hilarious, this video shows a very interesting optical illusion. The idea is not entirely new, it was done with the Happy in Paraguay video before, albeit a bit less polished. This youtube channel takes it to the next level. The Rebecca Black one is amazing.

Also reminded me of the video linked here, where Stairway to Heaven is played backwards, and it's shown how suggestible our brains are.

(You can turn on captions.)

Fox News Deletes Applause Sound from Obama Speech

It's even more blatant than this article says, giving the "benefit" of the doubt to

Now, maybe Fox didn't intentionally remove the audience applause. Maybe Fox's video used a direct feed from Obama's microphone, and it simply didn't pick up audience noise. But if Fox didn't intentionally try to make Obama look silly, why did it choose a 2-minute clip -- out of a 32-minute speech -- that portrayed Obama looking silently around the room, seemingly for no reason?

Oh, but it was intentional. It was a plain, amateurish audio deletion. Head over to the Fox News page right now and see for yourself (at about 0:44). Raise the volume so that the background noise is audible. You can't avoid background noise with a microphone especially in a live setting; the whole audio was simply deleted. Or if you trust me, just see the youtube video someone captured:

Another video here.

Also, the video feed is edited, there is a just-careful-enough (to be blatantly intentional) cut just when the audio starts again, at 0:41 on the youtube video above, and 0:56 on the original Fox News video (which also doesn't match with the original White House feed). In the White House video you can see some of the audience applauding, but it seems they're different video feeds from different cameras anyway.

I guess I'm gonna have to find another source for my news. I've heard good things about this news outlet "The Onion".

Who Do We Blame?

I think this has been a question a lot of progressives have been fighting with around healthcare and other issues. One can argue that Obama is pushing our broken and bribed system as fast as it can go, but one can also argue that he has put put some folks in his administration that keep their feet firmly on the breaks because they think keeping power is more important than fixing any of our problems.

Well as that debate rages on I was relieved to read this account of the Climate talks in Copenhagen. The miserable outcome was largely due to China, who it seems was betting on Climate protection advocates putting the blame on their own leaders. China, Builds solar and wind, gets a significant amount of its electric from hydro and nuclear but either isn't ready to stop building coal plants or likes being ahead of the curve.

Here is an account of the talks from an Australian that that attended:

Eyewitness: How China sabotaged climate talks

A writer and environmental activist who was present at the final Copenhagen climate talks says China sabotaged the deal and ensured Barack Obama would shoulder the blame.

While China's Premier Wen Jiabao insisted his government had played an "important and constructive" role, the talks in the Danish capital ended with a political accord rather than a binding agreement.

Mark Lynas, who was attached to the Maldives delegation, described what he saw at the talks as "profoundly shocking".

"I am certain that had the Chinese not been in the room, we would have left Copenhagen with a deal that had environmentalists popping champagne corks in every corner of the world," he wrote in the The Guardian.

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Bill Maher and Jay Leno

Part 1

Part 2