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Why They Love Monty Python

John Cleese on Sarah Palin

Monty Python - Archaeology Today

One of my favorites.

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Links With Your Coffee - Friday

More Christopher Hitchens

From Monty Python to Camus a clip from the 2007 LA Times Festival of Books - LIVE Religion & Culture Panel The link is to streaming video of the entire show.

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Igor Ivanov 1947 - 2005

There are thousands of chess-players around the world who knew Igor Ivanov. They opened their homes and their hearts to his brilliant mind, to his kind soul, to his hearty laugh, and to his friendship. He was always respectful of others, and I never heard him utter an unkind word to anyone.

He was a Grandmaster while most the the rest of us were patzers, but he treated us as equals. His respect for us didn't dim when we played chess with him. We almost always lost, but we always left the board feeling good. He brought out the best in everyone. It wasn't that he didn't have strong opinions he did. I often disagreed with him about politics, but it was never personal, and we agreed on all the important things in life, a love of music, of literature, of chess, and the value of good friends.

I remember that day in March when he called and told me he had cancer, and how it was inoperable. We both knew that he didn't have long, but his spirits were high. I asked him if he'd heard the Monty Python song, "Always Look on The Bright Side of Life." He hadn't but was anxious to hear it. I sent him a copy and a few days later he was back on the phone. . He didn't start with his usual hi Norm it's Igor instead he said "I love that part where they say You come into life with nothing and you leave with nothing, what have you lost nothing." and then that infectious laugh of his. That is how I'll remember Igor laughing and embracing life while facing death.

Igor is gone now, but our memories of him remain. Here are a few of mine, but first a few pictures of Igor, the background music is Chopin's Fantaisie-impromptu in C sharp minor, a piece I heard Igor play many times. (this is from a recording by Vladimir Ashkenazy)

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Intelligent Design

You'll enjoy this amusing bit from The Science Show, ABC Australia on Intelligent Design. A big thanks to Jean-Paul who provided the audio file.

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related link: The Brontosaurus (tip to Perry)
Monty Python's flying creationism.

A City Underwater

Dodged a bullet my ass. They're in my crosshairs and it looks like they're in Keith Olbermann's crosshairs too. What a lovely bit of writing by our friend Keith on Katrina and Michael Chertoff's slip of the tongue. "Louisiana is a city that is under water," indeed.


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Transcript and just in case the link someday breaks check the extended entry.

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Links With Your Coffee—Tuesday

Lest we forget it was on this day in 1633 that Galileo was brought to trial, and the formal interrogation by the Inquisition began. Thanks to Patrick for the reminder.

This cute bit was taken from the Craig Ferguson Show last week.
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Talibant Rant Avery Ant and another one minute rant in this one he auditioned to be a member of the Monty Python gang, well that and Osamma bin Laden. (flash)

I never wanted to do this I wanted to be a Lumberjack Eric Idle from the Greedy Bastard tour (Real Video)

Ernst Mayr, Biologist Extraordinaire

Some three weeks before his death, I called him at home in Bedford and asked, "Ernst, how are you? How do you feel?" He responded cheerily, "I feel fine. That is, I feel exceptionally well given the diagnosis." "What diagnosis?" I asked. "Didn't I tell you? The doctors tell me I have cancer. It has already metastasized, but I don't feel sick at all." "Oh, Ernst, I'm so sorry," I responded. "Well, Lynn," he said cheerfully, "I will have to die of something."

The big issues

What is the meaning of the rise in popularity of philosophy? Julian Baggini thinks he has the answers.
Good news for education in the UK. I'm not aware of any similar programs in the U.S. and that is pitiful. If I'm wrong will someone please tell me. I find it so depressing that education in this country is simply designed to fill slots in the corporate machine, independent thinking not needed and not wanted.

The New PC

Today's accusations against subversive professors differ from those of the past in several respects. In a sign of the times, the test for disloyalty has shifted far toward the center. Once an unreliable professor meant an anarchist or communist; now it includes Democrats. Soon it will be anyone to the left of Attila the Hun. Second, the charges do not (so far) come from government committees investigating un-American activities but from conservative commentators and their student minions. A series of groups such as Campus Watch, Academic Bias and Students for Academic Freedom enlist students to monitor and publicize professorial conduct. Third, the new charges are advanced not against but in the name of academic freedom or a variant of it; and, in the final twist, the new conservative critics seem driven by an ethos that they have adopted from liberalism: affirmative action and a sense of victimhood, which they officially detest.

Conservatives complain relentlessly that they do not get a fair shake in the university, and they want parity--that is, more conservatives on faculties. Conservatives are lonely on American campuses as well as beleaguered and misunderstood. News that tenured poets vote Democratic or that Kerry received far more money from professors than Bush pains them. They want America's faculties to reflect America's political composition. Of course, they do not address such imbalances in the police force, Pentagon, FBI, CIA and other government outfits where the stakes seem far higher and where, presumably, followers of Michael Moore are in short supply. If life were a big game of Monopoly, one might suggest a trade to these conservatives: You give us one Pentagon, one Department of State, Justice and Education, plus throw in the Supreme Court, and we will give you every damned English department you want.

Pothead Grandmother Spared Jail Would she fare so well if she lived in this country. Kind of makes a mockery of Marijuana laws here and there doesn't it.

A 66-year-old British grandmother with a taste for marijuana casserole was spared jail Friday despite admitting she had shared cannabis-laced cookies with fellow pensioners...The white-haired, bespectacled granny was unrepentant, and said she would keep cooking with pot.

Python Pundit Talks Politics

Python swallows Bush!

Great interview, Salon requires subscription but you can get a day pass, you don't want to miss this.

Monty Python's Terry Jones talks about becoming a political writer, the decline of the British press and how Bush and Blair have erased the line between absurdity and horror.

One of the strange manipulations of language you get into is that the war on terror is a war on an abstract noun.

An abstract noun can't surrender; it can't do anything really. How do you know when you've won? When the noun gets kicked out of the Oxford English Dictionary? But that's a very useful tool for politicians, to declare an unwinnable war. They can keep it going as long as they like. They can decide when it's won.

Now, you could say that we declared war against Fascism in World War II, but that was only a pseudonym for Nazi Germany. In this case, we have no idea who we're fighting. It's the first time, I think, that a major country has gone to war and not known who the enemy was. Who are they? We have no idea.

Looking at it that way it really isn't so far off from the kind of humor you did with Monty Python. And, in a way, neither is observing that no one is wringing their hands over the body count in Iraq the way they are over the tsunami victims.

That's partly because the military is refusing to make counts. They're not only refusing to count how many Iraqis are dying, but before the second invasion of Fallujah, they were actually removing anyone who might be able to make a count -- doctors, ambulance drivers, clerics. They hit the hospitals first to make sure that there was nobody who could perform body counts. It's totally cynical, although, from the military view, probably very sensible.

So the only scientific estimate is the one published from Johns Hopkins University in the Lancet a few weeks ago, and immediately the politicians came up saying, "It's an extrapolation technique." Well, what do they mean by "extrapolation"? That's what any survey is, whether it's a political poll or an advertising survey. That's what you do. They say, "It's not a body count," but the American military is not allowing anyone to do a body count. You can't do it! It's rubbish. And the count estimated by Johns Hopkins doesn't even include Fallujah, which has been totally razed.

Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

A quote for today comes from Dennis Quaid
"Hey look at this is usually a redneck's last words"

Warning! This cartoon incites hatred against neo-platonists! Okay by me.

Chevy Chase calls Bush a Dumb Fuck But Chevy he's the 2004 Dumb Fuck of the Year not just your run of the mill dumb fuck.

Prayer Not A Team Sport Thank god

Monty Python Spamalot flash video fun.

You Deserve An Octopus Today I love the French.

Iraq's library struggles to rise from the ashes

This had been one of Iraq's greatest treasures: a national library that held ancient works of Arab literature, a vast archive of Ottoman-era grandeur, the papers of the British-sponsored monarchy and latterly the obsessively recorded and often chilling evidence of the past 30 years of Ba'ath party rule. The daylight burning of the library, which the invading US military did not protect, was one of the first costly failures in the post-war chaos of occupation last year. [snip] "We tell them: 'Sorry we can't help you,' because we don't know how much has been lost, perhaps 90%. It will break the heart of a lot of people," Mr Eskander said.

So You Want To Be Smarter

Steve Soto's The Religious Right's Moral Values Voters Need to Look In the Mirror a discussion of Terry Neal's Washington Post piece is today's must read

Torture, This Won't Hurt Much

Once again we must thank the Monty Python crew for putting everything in perspective. First it was Eric Idle with the delightful FCC Song "Fuck You All So Very Much" and now Terry Jones puts are misgivings about torture in a proper perspective. Thanks guys.

For some time now, I've been trying to find out where my son goes after choir practice. He simply refuses to tell me. He says it's no business of mine where he goes after choir practice and it's a free country.

Now it may be a free country, but if people start going just anywhere they like after choir practice, goodness knows whether we'll have a country left to be free. I mean, he might be going to anarchist meetings or Islamic study groups. How do I know?

The thing is, if people don't say where they're going after choir practice, this country is at risk. So I have been applying a certain amount of pressure on my son to tell me where he's going. To begin with I simply put a bag over his head and chained him to a radiator. But did that persuade him? Does the Pope eat kosher?

My wife had the gall to suggest that I might be going a bit too far. So I put a bag over her head and chained her to the radiator. But I still couldn't persuade my son to tell me where he goes after choir practice.

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So Fuck You All So Very Much

I've always been big fan of Monty Python so when I discovered this delightful little song (mirror for download here )by Eric Idle I was thrilled. Eric has a message for the FCC and Bush and Cheney too. And by my calculations it would cost a radio station a mere $70,000.00 each time it was played. Here is a Clip of the song ( 276K )

Here's a little number I wrote the other day while out duck hunting with a judge, QUACK

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The Anger Express

There is a lot of anger in our country, and like any market with so many consumers the anger market is booming. A booming market attracts people who want to profit from it and there is not shortage of those either. Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, anger knows no political boundaries. Dende pointed out an excellent article in Time on the subject:

What do these political voices have in common? They're not political—not in the "vote for my side and we'll do X, Y and Z for you" sense anyway. They don't emphasize the substantive matters that define one as liberal or conservative—tax policy or affirmative action or abortion. If you are reading or tuning in, your convictions are a given. What you want, apparently, is to be told—at Wagnerian volume and in Proustian detail—what a bunch of S.O.B.s the other guys are.

And though we may disagree on details the trends are clear. It all reminded me of Monty Python's Argument Clinic this snippet of dialogue is particularly apt,

M: Oh, this is futile!
A: No it isn't.
M: I came here for a good argument.
A: No you didn't; no, you came here for an argument.
M: An argument isn't just contradiction.
A: It can be.
M: No it can't. An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.
A: No it isn't.
M: Yes it is! It's not just contradiction.
A: Look, if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position.
M: Yes, but that's not just saying 'No it isn't.'
A: Yes it is!
M: No it isn't!
M: Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes.
(short pause)
A: No it isn't.
M: It is.

That's it folks we are getting too many contradictions masquerading as arguments and not enough thoughtful discussion supported by reason and evidence and that's a shame. We're all on board the Anger Express and need to get off.

Tis but a scratch

Joe Duemer's travails have spawned some good advice from the veteran Mike Golby in a piece entitled, Speaking to Brick Walls

Uh-oh, Joe Duemer's at it again...

...trying to reason with Warbloggers

"Where will it all lead us | I thought we had freed us | From the mundane seems I'm wrong again | Could be they lack roots, they're still wearing jack boots they're | Marching somewhere in the pouring rain

I can stand a little egg on my face." [Howard Owens]

What is it with Joseph? I'd like to know. He persistently tries to reason with war bloggers.

In a recent effort to save him, I sent him the voluminous e-mail archives I had collected on various hard drives during my days of speaking to such animals. They were sent to him in a lead case escorted by several U.S. Marines on loan from the local embassy. The archives contained really poisonous stuff but, as Joe was having a lengthy chat to Mike Sanders at the time, I felt I could prevent him incurring bills similar to those which I'd had to pay for psychiatric care, ongoing electro-convulsive and drug therapy, and counseling after my bout with said Sanders.

I expect to return home in 2016.

Did he listen to me? No. He behaves like a vicious little cocaine addict without a brain to burn and picks on one war blogger after another. He recently undertook the rehabilitation of one Howard Owens and it is for this reason that I return to the subject of war blogging. Joe's recent brush with the Ventura Vulture makes compelling reading.

See if you can follow this transition. I recently read an article by Stephen Dawkins in Free Inquiry, not currently available on the Web the issue Winter 2002/2003 Vol 23 No. 1, on why he refuses to debate with the creationists. He says he received advice from Jay Gould who watched his views on punctuated equilibrium distorted so that it appeared to support the creationist preposterous beliefs. Just for the record here was Gould's reply:

Since we proposed punctuated equalibria to explain trends, it is infuriating to be quoted again and agin by creationist—whether through design or stupidity, I do not know&mdash as admitting that the fossil record includes no transitional forms. Transitional forms are generally lacking at the species level, but they are abundant between larger groups.
So Jay and Stephen refused requests to debate with them. Dawkins likened debating with the "Intelligent Design" folk to King Arthurs duel with the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, not unlike Joe's encounter bknight1.jpg Dawkins did have a fun time toying with them however, begging off from one debate pleading that he hadn't yet had time to finish up with the flat-earthers. Debating with most war bloggers is not unlike Dawkin's experiences it usually leads nowhere and tends to legitimize the nuts. If they didn't have something reasonable to say why would you debate with them. Indeed.

Bombs Away

Monty Python on "Bombing for Peace" or OK, George, make with the friendly bombs
It is well known that the best way of picking out terrorists is to fly 30,000ft above the capital city of any state that harbours them and drop bombs.

If the Brits just had leadership like George well they might have nipped Irish Terrorism in the bud years ago or is it as one demonstrator's placard at recent anti-war rally put it the "Emperor has no Brains."

Fair warning to the residents of Idaho, are you aware that you currently and have in the past harbored terrorists, they train in your northern forests, Yes we know you've turned over some of them and prosecuted others yourself but that is not good enough. If even one remains that is one too many. We are sure you will understand and be ready to make the "supreme" sacrifice in our nations quest for evildoers. Bombs Away!