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Huckabee on the Daily Show

Jon doing his journalist bit.

Links With Your Coffee - Friday

  • Huckabee Claims He’s Ready to be President From ‘Day Six,’ LITERALLY!
  • Romney To Spend More Time With His Money
    Mitt Romney explained today that he was dropping out of the U.S. Presidential race in order to spend more time with his money. Romney said that the time on the campaign trail had really harmed his ability to spend "quality time with my bills."
  • Racism and Sexism on Super Tuesday
    Barack Obama squeaked out a narrow win on Super Tuesday to expand his small lead in the pledged delegates. While many of the exit polls were off as predictions, these polls do provide us with one of the best national tests of to what extent voters will admit to racist or sexist motivations. And they also tell us an important fact: Obama was hurt by race-based voting, while Clinton was greatly helped by gender-based voting. More Democratic voters admitted to racist motivations in opposing Obama (an average of 2.88% of the voters) than admitted to sexist motivations in opposing Clinton (an average of 1.83%). Overall, the racist vote outweighed the pro-black vote for Obama by an average of 0.5%. By contrast, the pro-woman vote for Clinton outweighed the sexist vote by an average of 5.0%. That’s a 5.5% swing in each state. The continuing significance of racism (beyond the expressed levels of sexism) was a key factor in why Obama didn’t win a decisive victory over Clinton on Tuesday.
  • CAPITOL WATCH: Lieberman No Longer a Super Delegate
  • When It’s Head Versus Heart, The Heart Wins
    Science shows that when we are deciding which candidate to support, anxiety, enthusiasm and whom we identify with count more than reason or logic.
  • The Joy of Writing by Wislawa Szymborska - John Baker’s Blog
    Why does this written doe bound through these written woods?
    For a drink of written water from a spring
    whose surface will xerox her soft muzzle?
    Why does she lift her head; does she hear something?
    Perched on four slim legs borrowed from the truth,
    she pricks up her ears beneath my fingertips.
    Silence - this word also rustles across the page
    and parts the boughs
    that have sprouted from the word “woods.”

Say Goodbye Mitt

Goodbye! Now we find out if Huckabee is John McCain's 'little buddy' or if he was telling the truth when he said he is going on, that it is a two man race. More on the story here.

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Why John Edwards Suspended His Campaign

contributed by Charles Lemos

Yesterday was a forlorn day, one bereft of joy and hope, after learning that John Edwards had decided to suspend his campaign. It seemed a rather abrupt ending. Though the media is reporting that Edwards has withdrawn from the race that is not accurate. His exact words were:

Earlier today, I suspended my campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.”

The distinction is a minor one but an important one. While John Edwards stands to lose some of his delegates, he gets to keep control over most of those he won in the contests here to date. Later in the day, I was able to speak with my local grassroots organization that was told that the decision was neither related to Elizabeth’s health nor the lack of funds. The catalyst for the decision were the results in Florida.

As John Edwards has been polling in the mid-teens to the low twenty percent range, I thought that rather odd. What had changed if the campaign had long believed that we would not win any states and that John Edwards had committed himself to staying in the race through the convention. Technically by suspending this campaign that pledge remains intact.

Then I recalled a conversation from the night after the last South Carolina debate that I had had with a source who is close with major donors to the Edwards campaign and who met with John in New York City the night before the Letterman appearance. That conversation centered on John McCain. At that time John Edwards believed that McCain was the likely GOP nominee with Mike Huckabee as the likely Vice Presidential candidate and that the general election would prove tough though winnable for the Democratic Party. John Edwards also made some not too favorable comments as to the fitness of McCain as commander-in-chief.

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The Rights of Conscience Inalienable

contributed by Charles Lemos

As I am not a native born American and as I spend some time in some rather repressive countries (most recently Burma), I can express to you what freedom truly means to me. It is the rights of conscience inalienable. For what that truly means, I suggest that you read a short yet powerful sermon from 1791 entitled oddly enough “The Rights of Conscience Inalienable” written by John Leland (1754-1841), a Baptist minister from Grafton, Massachusetts though this sermon was probably delivered in New London, Connecticut. While it deals primarily with a religious question, Leland writes what it means to be free and to have rights of conscience.

With the FISA debate still going on in the Senate I thought I might remind the Senate and my fellow citizens what a Baptist minister from the early days of the American Republic who lived and preached in both Virginia and Massachusetts and who ministered to the Founding Fathers had to say about freedom and the compact between the rulers and the ruled. Leland wrote “that law should rule over rulers, and not rulers over the law” and then adds “that every law made by the legislature inconsistent with the compact, modernly called a constitution, is usurprative in the legislators and not binding on the people.” He believed “that legislators in their legislative capacity cannot alter the Constitution, for they are hired servants of the people to act within the limits of the Constitution.” These three sentences sum my view of the FISA debate as well as the erosion of civil liberties that has taken place over the last seven years.

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Who Is Dishonest?

At least the press laughs when Huckabee claims to be taking the high road. I think he may have found a way to make it right, Huckabee to Run Negative Ads Attacking Self For Running Negative Ads

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Pimping For Jesus

It's the Brit Pat Condell again on the United States Presidental Election and a couple of Republican candidates who are pimping for Jesus.

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Worst Person - Huckabee

His fundamentalist warts are showing.

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Countdown w/Keith Olbermann
Author of Truth And Consequences