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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


  • The Satirical Political Report The Real Final ‘Straw’ That Broke Mark Penn’s Back

  • Voices - Is It Time for the Peace Movement to Start Protesting Senator Obama?
    In the last two weeks Senator Obama has been sounding rather hawkish. Perhaps he believes he has the Democratic nomination wrapped up and now can start running to the center-right. The peace movement needs to let him know his positions are not acceptable.

  • denialism blog : Presidential candidates and health care---watch them carefully
    Politically, I'm a leftie. That should be no surprise to anyone who knows me. But when it comes to science and medicine, my politics are irrelevant. Given that John McCain has already made some questionable public statements regarding vaccines and autism, this seems like a good time to see what the democrats are saying.

  • MathTrek: Sacred Geometry
    Hundreds of years ago in Japan, people offered thanks to the gods by sacrificing a horse or a pig. Horses and pigs, however, were valuable and expensive, so poor folks had a hard time expressing their gratitude. So they came up with a solution: Rather than sacrificing a horse, they would simply draw a painting of a horse on a wooden tablet and hang it in the temple.

  • Gaza Running on Near Empty -
    “We met with the Israelis, and they said that Gaza is a hostile entity,” said al-Khozendar. He said that his organisation told Israeli officials that their fuel embargo policy is a violation of the Geneva Convention (in which Article 4 guarantees the rights of a people living under occupation). He said he was reminded that they are better off than are Iraqis under U.S. occupation.

  • Electability « Consider the Evidence
    Barack Obama is ahead of Hillary Clinton in the (regular) delegate count, and it looks almost certain that he will remain so when all of the primaries and caucuses are completed. Still, the gap is not large, and it is possible that Clinton will end up with the most popular votes. Rightly or wrongly, it appears that some — perhaps many — of the as-yet-uncommitted Democratic superdelegates intend to take electability into account in deciding which candidate to support (see here, here, and here).

    What information should they consider in making a decision?

  • Commentary: What is this thing called religion? - opinion - 05 April 2008 - New Scientist