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Gypsy's Möbius Strip

The end? the beginning?

For starters:

Guillaume de Machaut Ma fin est mon commencemnet et mon commencement ma fin (My end is my beginning and my beginning, my end) - track 13 on this CD. Machaut was the man in French Ars Nova music, as this crafty 3-voice rondeau proves.

Zip on up from the 14th Century to the end of the 20th Century:

Lowell Liebermann Gargoyles, Op. 29 (last 4 tracks on this CD). Liebermann is both fresh and traditional in his writing. Check out his other stuff - all just a google and wiki page away.

Hop over the millenium to

Jennifer Higdon Concerto for Orchestra. Sure, she's a flutist so I'll be somewhat biased, but composer 1st. Higdon writes in a variety of styles, and the Concerto is a great descendant of Bartók's great work for orchestra.

Last somewhat circular piece takes you back a week (and 20+ years) and forward a year:

The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping. On this CD it's the final track. Couldn't leave 2009 without a final commercial reference.

Happy New Year to you and yours!