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Now It's Getting Personal

I've lived in the Salt Lake area most of my life. When I was six I lived a couple of blocks from the Jordan River, and at nine I lived a block away from Liberty Park and spent many an afternoon sitting on the bank of the pond watching the ducks. My sister currently lives across the street from the park and no more than 100 meters or so from the pond. She walks her dog in the park almost every day, so to see the park like this is heartbreaking. The spill is not even close to the Gulf spill, but more personal. I worry that the oil will make it to the Great Salt Lake and damage the wildlife habitat it provides. I've been thinking about a fitting penalty for the corporate fucks who continue their cavalier attitude toward producing our energy. I've got it, tarred and feathered using their spilled oil and the feathers of the birds they've killed.

Oil spill continues to flow into Jordan River


Cleanup crews placed absorbent booms in the Liberty Park pond to try to stop the flow of oil. A Chevron pipeline leak early Saturday morning flowed into Red Butte Creek, leading to the closure of Liberty Park. Contaminants were spotted as far way as the Jordan River in what officials are calling a major spill. It was flowing 30 to 40 feet downhill into the creek from the ground covering a buried pipeline just south of Red Butte Gardens, near the greenhouses and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Crude oil flowed into Liberty Pond and continued into the Jordan River. (Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune)