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Gypsy's music in honor of Chanukah

Some Jewish composers have already appeared in these posts, but here are 3 more you might not think about. jb, if you don't know these pieces, it's your duty to buy the recordings! (sorry again about the amazon link in Israel.)

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1 "The Titan" in D Major. Mahler was born and raised a Jew, but he converted to Catholicism when he took a post conducting opera in Vienna, where it was against the law for Jews to hold such posts (hmmm, NC anyone?) Anyhoo, the 3rd movement has Bruder Martin (minor key version of Frère Jaques) and the last movement of this symphony features the Jewish tune Mordechai or something like that. Yes, jonathan, I'm counting on you to chime in.

Ernest Bloch Schelomo for cello and orchestra. Great stuff.

Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera. This is actually a musical, with the libretto done by Bertold Brecht (apologies to an old prof for not suggesting Mahagonny; some other theme). This is definitely a universal stage work, suitable for today's news. It's based on John Gay's Beggar's Opera, developed from suggestions by Jonathan Swift. I also dig the recording that was put out in the 1980s by commercial artists such as Sting. No I cannot find a link. I must confess someone burned a copy and gave it to me as a gift (not solicited).

Gotta go; been grading and such. yippee skippy