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Charlie Brooker on Kony 2012

This is perhaps the best description I have seen about what is wrong with Kony2012.

Invisible Children have been linked to "The Family" and those allied with the Uganda Govt as they pass laws making Homosexuality illegal. It seems to me that Kony2012 is a combination of things. The conservative military folks trying to justify military intervention. They seem to be doing that by funding some evangelistic youth mission folks, at the same time there appears there is a U.S. message intended to make a play for the youth vote by "saving" African children after manufacturing the concern about their plight. I think the left would be smart to proceed with caution as they counter this campaign. There is lots of talk about politics, cultural sensitivity, alterior motives, and over simplification. IC seems to already have a large youth following who are primarily concerned with the children at this point, and it would be smart to address that concern in some way.

It seems there have also some oil discoveries in Uganda recently.

boing boing has had better and better coverage.