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The Kindle reads a passage from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the Authors Guild PANICS. I love how the Kindle mocks them, pronouncing dog-eared with a long o sound. Authors Guild president Roy Blount Jr. calls it the Kindle Swindle

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Kindle 2

It's Not a Kindle

He also had a device that looked rather like a largish electronic calculator. This had about a hundred tiny flat press buttons and a screen about four inches square on which any one of a million "pages" could be summoned at a moment's notice. It looked insanely complicated, and this was one of the reasons why the snug plastic cover it fitted into had the words DON'T PANIC printed on it in large friendly letters. The other reason was that this device was in fact that most remarkable of all books ever to come out of the great publishing corporations of Ursa Minor "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." The reason why it was published in the form of a micro sub meson electronic component is that if it were printed in normal book form, an interstellar hitchhiker would require several inconveniently large buildings to carry it around in.*

It's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
There is more to this story here

*Adams,D. (1979) The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (pp.26-27) New York: Harmony Books

The Kindle

A few words about my Kindle, a birthday present that I've now had a little over a week to explore, and some recent reading.

The display is wonderful, clean, crisp and easy to read. I don't even need to take advantage of the larger text sizes, the default is fine. What I like most is the length of each line and the spacing of the text. It is ideal for reading quickly, each line the perfect length to take in at one time, and the spacing between lines is perfect for my tastes. And having the dictionary built in removes the temptation to guess at the meaning of words you're not sure of.

The number of available books is something over 140,000 which is good, but not as good as it sounds. There are a number of books I'd like to own in the Kindle format that are still not available. Bestsellers are commonly available at $9.99, while the classics of literature are often available for a dollar or two. And there are the sites that have free downloads of books out of copyright. Many Books and Feed Books are two good ones.

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