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Puff Redux

Onegoodmove reader bp thinks you'll find Dinesh Dsouza's article What atheists Kant refute of interest. It's another, reason can't answer everything diatribe, and another argument from ignorance. Since there are some things that are unknowable in principle we can believe whatever the fuck we want about them. In any event his argument doesn't get you to a personal God, at most you could use it to support a deist's view of God. I don't think that's what Dsouza intends. The 'true believers' want it both ways. If they find a bit of evidence they believe supports their view they are ready to use it, but are unwilling to consider contrary evidence. "Well, isn't that convenient," says the 'Church Lady'. Perhaps Douglas Adams put this insipid argument to rest best in his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Puff

The Monitor article follows.

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