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Hillary and Elizabeth Have A Chat

Hillary and Elizabeth Have A Chat

Hillary Clinton won’t say what was discussed, but she’s talked with Elizabeth Edwards about her husband’s endorsement of rival Barack Obama. Campaigning in South Dakota today, Clinton said she has a great deal of respect for Elizabeth Edwards, and that they have a lot in common. Perhaps an endorsement is yet to come? Unlikely, but this is certainly a strong signal. The full story is from KAIT Channel 8 News.

No Official Endorsements, But . . .

Did John Edwards inadvertently reveal that he voted for Barack Obama, if so he also revealed that Elizabeth Edwards voted for Hillary Clinton.

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Decide for yourself

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Late Night TV

A bit of comedy from Hardball featuring the Colbert trio of Hillary, Barack, and John Edwards plus a couple of 'old' jokes at the expense of John McCain.

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Hardball w/Chris Matthews

Valued Voter - Ed Words

Obama Strategy of Concilliation Harmful

Obama stump speech strategy of conciliation considered harmful | Corrente

The point I've been trying to make about Obama, inarticulately it seems, is made here in a much more cogent way. It is worth your time to read the entire post. I suspect many will just dismiss it with a tried and true it's just more Obama bashing and that will be unfortunate, but the true believers are just that true believers.

“We come to Obama.

Here are the two money paragraphs from the almost always eloquent Obama’s latest (and truly brilliant) stump speech. Time’s Mark Halperin had it first:

[OBAMA] You know that we can’t afford four more years of the same divisive food fight in Washington that’s about scoring political points instead of solving problems; that’s about tearing your opponents down instead of lifting this country up. …

It’s change that won’t just come from more anger at Washington or turning up the heat on Republicans. There’s no shortage of anger and bluster and bitter partisanship out there. We don’t need more heat. We need more light. I’ve learned in my life that you can stand firm in your principles while still reaching out to those who might not always agree with you. And although the Republican operatives in Washington might not be interested in hearing what we have to say, I think Republican and independent voters outside of Washington are. That’s the once-in-a-generation opportunity we have in this election.

I believe!

But. Not. I hope I’ve been able to persuade you, through a quick look at the political economy of the last 30 years, that what’s going on in politics today is a little bit more complicated — and much more important — than a “divisive food fight.” Indeed, the very phrase itself trivializes both the scale of the problem, and the efforts of those progressives who are fighting for solutions.

All progressives—and most Democrats—agree on the “once-in-a-generation” opportunity and the stakes. That’s not the issue. The issue is: What kind of politics can turn the opportunity into permanent, progressive change? What kind of politics can drive economics? Because that’s what it will take to achieve even universal health care. We’re supposed to be from the reality-based community, and we’re supposed to rely on the hard-won Enlightenment tools of evidence and reasoning, and here I think Obama’s stump speech strategy comes up short. (I’ll give my objections, and summarize, tendentiously but I hope not unfairly, the responses I’ve gotten from Obama’s supporters to points I’ve made during a recent sojourn on Big Orange.)”

A Reason to Distrust Obama

Okay here's an opportunity for Obama supporters to explain why your candidate voted against limiting interest rates, or to defend the reason he gave. Let me add that if Obama is the democratic candidate I'll support him in spite of what I consider his obvious lack of good jugdment on this issue. Here is the transcript of the debate if anyone wants to read it all this exchanges begins on page 8.

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The Edwards Effect

The Edwards Effect - New York Times

I was distressed when John Edwards dropped out, but I was starting to get my head around the new realty and then I read this wonderful piece by Paul Krugman and got all choked up again. If you were an Edwards supporter I guarantee it will do the same to you.

So John Edwards has dropped out of the race for the presidency. By normal political standards, his campaign fell short.

But Mr. Edwards, far more than is usual in modern politics, ran a campaign based on ideas. And even as his personal quest for the White House faltered, his ideas triumphed: both candidates left standing are, to a large extent, running on the platform Mr. Edwards built.

To understand the extent of the Edwards effect, you have to think about what might have been. . .

Why John Edwards Suspended His Campaign

contributed by Charles Lemos

Yesterday was a forlorn day, one bereft of joy and hope, after learning that John Edwards had decided to suspend his campaign. It seemed a rather abrupt ending. Though the media is reporting that Edwards has withdrawn from the race that is not accurate. His exact words were:

Earlier today, I suspended my campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.”

The distinction is a minor one but an important one. While John Edwards stands to lose some of his delegates, he gets to keep control over most of those he won in the contests here to date. Later in the day, I was able to speak with my local grassroots organization that was told that the decision was neither related to Elizabeth’s health nor the lack of funds. The catalyst for the decision were the results in Florida.

As John Edwards has been polling in the mid-teens to the low twenty percent range, I thought that rather odd. What had changed if the campaign had long believed that we would not win any states and that John Edwards had committed himself to staying in the race through the convention. Technically by suspending this campaign that pledge remains intact.

Then I recalled a conversation from the night after the last South Carolina debate that I had had with a source who is close with major donors to the Edwards campaign and who met with John in New York City the night before the Letterman appearance. That conversation centered on John McCain. At that time John Edwards believed that McCain was the likely GOP nominee with Mike Huckabee as the likely Vice Presidential candidate and that the general election would prove tough though winnable for the Democratic Party. John Edwards also made some not too favorable comments as to the fitness of McCain as commander-in-chief.

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Why Not Edwards?

contributed by Charles Lemos

Obama's supporters have chosen to vilify the former President, one of
the few heroes of the Democratic Party's recent past for their own
political expediency.

They should realize that we are in an unusual situation where the
former President is the spouse of the current candidate and what spouse
wouldn't support their spouse. Is Bill glib? Yes, but Obama isn't any
better. Both are gifted orators though Bill is a better debater. Should
Obama win the nomination, I am afraid of what McCain might do to him. In
that case hope for Romney. Any yellow dog can beat Romney.

As an Edwards supporter, yes we are still around and we're not going
away, I can only say that I could not under any circumstances support
Obama in a general election. Personally I wouldn't want the Democratic
Party tainted by the train wreck that an Obama Presidency would be. Not to
mention that I think him a fraud, more corrupt than the Clintons,
naive, insincere, and hypocritical. And that's before I even talk about
policy positions that are clearly to the right of both Edwards and
Clinton. Perhaps Obama can improve on the former but on the latter he has
drawn his line in the sand. He's not a progressive. His appeal to
independents basically demonstrates that. They don't care for the partisanship
because they are by definition non-partisan. But we are partisan and we
believe not only in our ideas which were there in the 1980s contrary to
popular belief but also because partisanship works. Ask FDR or LBJ or
even Ronald Reagan. If they were successful it was because they were
partisan not bipartisan. They forced the other side to capitulate. If you
can't see this it is because to outsiders the Obama camp has all the
makings of a cult. Honestly you are like Scientologists. A little
self-examination might be in order before you all the Rezko details come out
which they will.

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The Grownup

Dave interviews John Edwards

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Late Show w/David Letterman

Edwards Or . . .

I recently wrote that I'm still hoping for an Edwards miracle, but I'm also a realist, and while I'll continue to support Edwards as my guy I'm also paying more attention to a choice between Obama and Clinton. I'm not the only one pondering this possibility, Onegoodmove reader Charles Lemos recently sent me an email on the topic that I'm going to share with you.

Like you, I am a progressive liberal, a die-hard Edwards supporter and an atheist. I am writing you because I noticed on your blog that while you still support Edwards you are pondering a second choice. Frankly, I too have had to deal with that question.

I have been for a long time in the ABC crowd, Anybody But Clinton. But a curious thing has happened. For much of last year, I did not pay attention much to Senator Obama because frankly I find him guilty of speaking in platitudes. He is the Barnum Effect candidate. If you're not familiar with the Barnum Effect, it is the principle behind astrology and horoscopes. Couch things in general enough terms and they can apply to anyone. You see meaning because you want to see meaning not because there is any actual meaning there. Senator Obama talks of "hope" "unity" and "change". Well who doesn't want that? We all do and hence his appeal to independents and to a younger generation that has not been tempered by the experience of everything the progressive left has endured since 1968. But if I look at his proposals on energy, on health care, on financial reforms, I find that they are not much different than Republican proposals and very different from Democratic proposals. Edwards and Clinton both have universal health care mandates, Obama does not. On energy, as Paul Krugman noted, Obama too falls far short. There are huge subsidies for coal and nuclear energy but relatively little for alternative energy development unlike both the Edwards and the Clinton proposals. Then there are issues like gay rights, I am gay for the record. On the one hand none of the front runners (Kucinich does) give me all I want , they are all for civil unions. Fine as a first step, I suppose. However, I did catch Elizabeth Edwards last year here in San Francisco, and she more than reassured me when she in response to a question said she would whisper sweet-nothings into John's ear to make him see the light. But Senator Obama while he espouses civil unions, he also goes out campaigning with the likes of Donnie McClurkin. Actions sometimes speak louder than words. Why campaign with some one that you then have to repudiate? It showed poor judgment. His support of Senator Lieberman in the Connecticut Senate race last year to the tune of some $74,000 was another sign of poor judgment. Where was the loyalty to his party who had settled on another nominee? If accommodating Senator Lieberman is Senator Obama's idea of "unity" then I want no part of that. That is the politics of acquiescence, not compromise.

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An excellent discussion of the differences in the healthcare plans of the candidates. Okay, so excellent is an exaggeration, but good for a debate.

Transcripts: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

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The Predators

A nice discussion of those who prey on the poor, those who prey on the unsophisticated, those greedy bastards who hide behind a corporate facade. They are the payday lenders, the sub-prime mortgage lenders, they are the new mafia. They don't send out their goons to break arms. They pay politicians to pass laws to help them enforce their immoral behavior.

Barack Obama voted against limiting credit card rates to 30% because it wasn't good enough. What the fuck?

I don't know who I'll support if an Edwards miracle fails. I had been leaning towards Obama, but I thought Hillary was better on the issues tonight, not as good as Edwards, but better than Obama.

Transcripts: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

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Democratic Debate Fireworks

It's getting nasty.

Transcripts: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

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Corporate Crooks

Indeed, corporations are not individuals. They don't get a seat at the table. We don't need to compromise with corporations. They don't get a vote. When it comes to governance the only voice we should listen to is that of individuals who want to suggest ways in which certain policies can help insure that business benefits the country. What is good for business is not always good for the country in spite of what Republicans and Corporate Democrats may say. We need to separate the what is good for the country from the what is good for the amoral often immoral best interests of a legal structure that defines how a business operates. Jon Edwards understands this, I'm not sure the others do. Many corporations are stealing what is good about the United States. They must be stopped.

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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader's opinion of John Edwards. He likes John's anti-corporate message.

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Hardball w/Chris Matthews

Edwards Blasts Hillary

It really is a brilliant ad, wow!

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Harball w/Chris Matthews

John Edwards

John Edwards appeals to us all to take back the power.

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Edwards Proposes Tougher Regulations

Another reason to support John Edwards Link

Outlining a plan to regulate what he views as misleading drug ads, Edwards noted that annual spending on such ads nearly has quadrupled to $4 billion in the decade since the government relaxed rules on advertising directly to consumers.

"You've seen these ads. You know who's paying for them, right? You are," said Edwards, who for years has derided ads that promise after one pill, "You'll be skipping through the fields holding hands with your spouse."

Top companies spend twice as much on marketing and administration as they do on research and development, he said at a town-hall meeting at Laconia High School.
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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

  • France warning of war with Iran
    "We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war," Mr Kouchner said in an interview on French TV and radio.
  • The Nonbelievers
    An increasing number of young people in America - and adults around the world - don't believe in God. Greg Epstein, who advises fellow atheists and agnostics at Harvard University, wants to create a kind of church for those who reject religion. But he's encountering resistance from some of the very people he wants to unite.
  • Airport bathroom a tourist attraction
    When tourists ask for the bathroom in the Minneapolis airport lately, it’s usually not because they have to go.

    It’s because they want to see the stall made famous by U.S. Sen. Larry Craig’s arrest in a sex sting.

    “It’s become a tourist attraction,” said Karen Evans, information specialist at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. “People are taking pictures.”
  • Pharyngula: Taking exception to Jake
    First of all, don't try to tell the New Atheists (insert obligatory detestation of the term here) what the New Atheists believe unless you've actually got some understanding of what the New Atheists believe. This is a mistake I'm seeing repeatedly now.

    The New Atheist Camp (for lack of a better term) asserts that science and atheism are one. Religion and science are not internally consistent. Any attempt to recognize religion within a scientific framework is appeasement of superstition and is by extension damaging to the scientific enterprise. We might as well publish statements we know to be lies in scientific journals.

    No. Once again, science is a method. It's a general set of procedures that rest on skepticism, induction, empiricism, and naturalism. Atheism is a conclusion. We look at the universe using the tools of science, and it does not fit any description of the universe derived from religious perspectives: we therefore reject religious dogma. We also see that the nature of the universe does not reflect any of the orthodox conceptions of what a god-ruled universe would look like. We arrive at the conclusion that there is no god.
  • Israel’s cost to the Arabs, by Ghada KarmiAfter nearly 60 years, Israel is still not at peace with most of its neighbours. The Saudi peace plan, first proposed in 2002, is the latest in a series of Arab overtures aiming to end this situation. It offers Israel full normalisation of relations in return for withdrawal from the territories it conquered in 1967, and a negotiated agreement on the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Israel ignored the plan in 2002, but this year the Arabs have re-presented it more forcefully. In July two Arab League envoys visited Jerusalem to press the Arab case, and plans led by the United States are afoot for an Arab-Israeli peace conference in September. Though Israel may still not respond, this is a giant step for the Arabs, reversing decades of hostility.
  • Official prototype of kilogram mysteriously losing weight - (tip to Tony)
  • The Satirical Political Report - An Offbeat Look at the Hot-Button Issues of the Day » NEW O.J. CASE SETS PRECEDENT FOR BUSH: IF YA’ CAN’T GET ‘EM FOR KILLING, THERE’S STILL ARMED ROBBERY
  • Philosophers’ Carnival #53 « Florida Student Philosophy Blog
    The 118-year-old cylinder that is the international prototype for the metric mass, kept tightly under lock and key outside Paris, is mysteriously losing weight -- if ever so slightly. Physicist Richard Davis of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sevres, southwest of Paris, says the reference kilo appears to have lost 50 micrograms compared with the average of dozens of copies.
  • YouTube - Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle Now that's what I call a music video
  • Wired Geekipedia: Faith Smackdown - Gloves of God vs. Punch of Proof
  • The Elder Storytelling Place - A Time Goes By weblog
  • Sick Author Jonathan Cohn's Expert Opinion on HillaryCare 2.0

    I'm a little surprised, Hillary hasn't sold out yet. Certainly Kucinich has the best plan followed by Edwards, Clinton, and Obamma in that order.

    Broadly speaking, the Clinton plan is as ambitious as any plan touted by a major presidential candidate right now. Indeed, the basic structure of the plan--starting with a requirement that all Americans buy health insurance--is strikingly similar to the structure first proposed by former Senator John Edwards, which has rightly won him considerable praise.