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Gypsy's Flute and Guitar picks

The busiest time of this semester was when I performed at a guitar festival the week before hosting a flute festival. This is not really recommended, as life would have it, but all turned out well. Below are concertos for flute and for guitar, plus a little duo for your consideration:

Jaoquín Rodrigo is probably the most famous classical composer who happened to be blind. He had a successful career as composer and pianist. Concierto pastorale for flute and orchestra - written for James Galway with Patrick Gallois, flute. You can hear the Galway recording on youtube.

Rodrigo again - this time with the Fantasia para un gentilhombre - composed at the request of Andrés Segovia; guitarist Narciso Yepes is on the same recording as Gallois, but on the 2nd CD of the set (the CDs feature guitar music). You can get another Yepes performance on youtube; follow the numbers to complete all 4 movements. This work has been transcribed for flute and orchestra, too. Hey; I'm biased.

Flutist and Composer Robert Fruehwald has written some nifty works for flute - solo, with piano, guitar, and electronics. His Bulgarian Duos are pretty catchy, and you can find them on a compilation of flute and guitar works.