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Truth and Consequences

Politicians pander to the religious community and when it comes back to bite them in the ass they act surprised. I give you Mr. Fish with the best cartoon of the year.


Bill Moyers - Essay on Reverend Wright

Moment of Zen - Wright Dance

Does Barack Have The Wright Stuff?

Maybe I'm just buying into the pundit's hype, but I agree with them. The Reverend Wright is saying that Barack agrees with him, but that politicians don't say what they really believe. I think Barack has to make a total break from this nut. Perhaps a speech where he once again makes the case that this is not politics as usual. The problem is that there are so many of his statements that are clearly political, views he's tweaked to be more electable, that he'll have trouble selling it. I don't think he believes what his reverend believes, but I'm not sure he can convince the average voter. If he doesn't do a good job of addressing issues like this one, he'll lose. Step up Barack or you really will be unelectable.

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Hardball w/Chris Matthews