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Tea Parties

Janeane Garofalo explains the right-wing.

A Blast From The Past

A month before the war began Janeane Garofalo hands Brian Kilmeade his ass.

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A Character Flaw

From Comedy Central the Daily Show with John Stewart interviews Janeane Garofalo who says that "a vote for Bush is a character flaw" an apt description of those so blinded by the bullshit or simply to embarrassed to admit they're wrong. Janeane also calls Bush A Fundamentalist Christian that is " hi on god" and "cocky with christ"

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Bend Over

The quote of the day courtesy of Janeane Garofalo in The Progressive

"I can't stand watching history roll right over us. It's like they're asking you to bend over, put your head in the sand, and put a flag in your ass."

Pleasant Dreams

"How is the world supposed to make decisions, especially about Iraq, when we don't get relevant information? The information we get includes words like 'evil-doers' � is this a fucking bed-time story?"—Janeane Garofalo