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Long Live the Works of Howard Zinn

Here is a Fine talk by a great man that we lost today.

"I just heard Barbara Ehrenreich question God, and I didn't hear an answer!"

Howard Zinn, Historian who Challenged Status Quo, Dies at 87

I had the privilege of sitting with Howard Zinn at a dinner when I was a young man. Probably no more than 16. It was impressive to hear him talk about his career as an activist. His stories stretched back to the 1960's as he reminisced with a fellow liberal intellectual about being back stage at some concert. The details of the conversation have faded with time, but the power of the evening didn't really set in until I read A Peoples History a few years later. I have always found his honest review of American history eye opening. Class struggle is not a myth perpetrated by labor unions. It's a real fight in which business has often used real clubs and real guns and our police forces and National Guard troops were used to systematically attack the citizenry.

It is a gift that he had such a long and productive life, but I fear we are losing him at a time when his perspective is most needed, when the middle class and the working class are under the gun much more than they have in decades.

Howard Zinn: Vote For Obama

A Book For You

apeopleshistory.jpgIt's that time again. I've just discovered that I have an extra copy of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. I'll take the first ten requests for the book left in the comments and then use a random number generator to determine a winner. I'll then ship the book at my expense to the lucky person. I'm going to have to limit this to residents of the United States and Canada until I find a less expensive way to ship to other locations.

Howard's latest book is A People's History of American Empire

I believe that makes junta_kinte this week's winner. So please send me a name and mailing address and I'll dispatch the book posthaste. Send the information to normjenson at If I don't acknowledge please resend to onegoodmove at