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Hitchens Chimes in on PARK51 Mosque

Never known for shying away from controversy, Good old Hitchbitch takes on the topic of the mosque at ground zero. i got myself in a little hot water the other week on this topic. I think Hitch supports my claim that I was taking a pretty moderate position. I am also interested in the reaction to his idea that some persecution of religions in America has actually moderated the beliefs of some pretty backwards superstitions. Maybe he is playing devils advocate, but I think he at least sets off an interesting discussion.

Free Exercise of Religion? No, Thanks.The taming and domestication of religious faith is one of the unceasing chores of civilization.

A recent blizzard of liberal columns has framed the debate over American Islam as if it were no more than the most recent stage in the glorious history of our religious tolerance. This phrasing of the question has the (presumably intentional) effect of marginalizing doubts and of lumping any doubters with the anti-Catholic Know-Nothings, the anti-Semites, and other bigots and shellbacks. So I pause to take part in a thought experiment, and to ask myself: Am I in favor of the untrammeled "free exercise of religion"?

No, I am not.

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I don't think souls or bodies can be changed by incantation.

Christopher Hitchens, From the Brink

So the loud and well spoken atheist that we all hate to love has appeared a few times in the last week to declare himself down but not out. His piece on Chavez tells a tale as strange as we might have feared about the leader. I love a good man of the people but some people get drunk with power and still others seem to act like power is Mescaline. And Mr. Hitchens has also written in Vanity Fair today about his health and his "battle" with Cancer. His writing voice is as healthy and forceful as ever. His story is hopefully one that can pull a few heart strings even for those he pisses off quite regularly.

What I learned about Hugo Chávez's mental health when I visited Venezuela with Sean Penn.

Recent accounts of Hugo Chávez's politicized necrophilia may seem almost too lurid to believe, but I can testify from personal experience that they may well be an understatement.

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Topic of Cancer

One fine June day, the author is launching his best-selling memoir, Hitch-22. The next, he's throwing up backstage at The Daily Show, in a brief bout of denial, before entering the unfamiliar country--with its egalitarian spirit, martial metaphors, and hard bargains of people who have cancer.

"These are my first raw reactions to being stricken. I am quietly resolved to resist bodily as best I can, even if only passively, and to seek the most advanced advice."

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Best of Hitchbitch

Get Well Soon.

Part 2

HitchBitch and Maher on the Catholic Church

HitchBitch Vs. the Decalogue

Hitchens did a wonderful Job of destroying the Ten commandments in this lovely talk from last June. I really do encourage anyone trying to debate JB to give it a listen, or read. Like I said of the commandments on a recent post, what child couldn't come up with the good ones and what thoughtful adult couldn't greatly improve upon all the silly ones.

Unfortunately though, we can't do this by amending this book, because slavery, genocide, and the rape and torture of children are not merely not denounced in the first five books of the Old Testament, they are rather very enthusiastically recommended. So if we search for ways of doing the right thing, we're consulting the wrong book and we're looking for morality in all the wrong places. Perhaps though, there is still something to be salvaged and if so, it might be found in the long, vainglorious, menacing throat-clearings of the very first commandment. We might give some real thought to the prohibition on the making of idols and of images, we might do well to stop forging manacles with our own minds, and setting up impressions and images of ourselves as if they were divine and rarefied and supernatural. We might cease to make whips for our own backs; we might stop making tyrants and despots in our own image. We have rights as well as duties in respect to one another, and as one can intuit from Thomas Paine, in order to safeguard and enjoy the rights of man, we shall require a new age of reason. Thank you.

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