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Getting to know Haitian classical music

There aren't many Haitian composers of Classical music, but then Haiti is not that large of a country. I'd like to lend a support in that direction today. At this juncture, I need a break from the sad story coming from Haiti; hopefully the future will hold better news, or at least something along the lines of progress.

1st up - guitar music, natch:

Frantz Casseus: Dance of the Hounsies It's the last track on this CD. There's another recording of his works performed by the guitarist Marc Ribot that you might want to check out; unfortunately there's no way to preview them online.

choral music:

Emile Desamours: Alélyoua. A full performance of this work can be heard on Youtube by the Missouri All State Chorus 2008. I think a student from a fall semester class of mine is in this group! In any case, this piece is right up my alley, with some good percussive elements performed by the voices.


Ludovic Lamothe - I found references to him as the "black Chopin."I think this has to do with the fact that he composed numerous character pieces and dances. HIs Danza No. 3 in E flat Major seems to capture a little of Chopin inside Haitian rhythms. You might give the Ballad, Valse, and others a quick listen as well.