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Celebrity Endorsement

Why do they do it? Why do celebrities endorse political candidates? They like all of us have opinions and have every right to share them with others, but is it a good idea? When I saw that Elton John is holding a fundraiser for Hillary I had to smile. You see my good friend Michael is a Elton John fan. No, I mean a real Elton John fan. When Elton is in the country Michael will travel, following him from town to town to watch him perform. Michael is also an Obama supporter and I'm curious how Elton's Hillary love will affect him. Will he like a commenter in the post article "NEVER listen to Rocket Man again!" No, I think Michael will find a way to accommodate what I'm sure he'll view as only a very slight flaw in the Music Man. I know that I've let celebrity endorsements influence my opinion of actors who I've discovered don't share my politics, but if they're willing to take the hit that making their politics public cost them, then I think they should go for it. Have you had a favorite celebrity that you have quit admiring after you learned their politics were different from yours? What do you think of celebrity endorsements? Oh and Michael, I think I can get you some tickets for Ophrah's show.