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Coffee Cup

If you’re a hog in East Moline you’d be well advised to make a run for it! Pork processing there is big business. Actually, if you find your porcine self in East Moline, it’s too late. The trail from holding pen to shrink-wrapped bacon is a narrow one, well bounded by fences, a trail from which there is no escape if you’re a hog.

This week a man called Martin Gardner died, aged 95. His popular maths column in Scientific American (and 50 books on the subject) spanned the decades, but in 1952 he published a book about pseudoscience, quacks, and credulous journalists. How much do you think has changed over 60 years?

As the Hay festival kicks off, with world-class authors being interviewed on stage all week, we invited writers to follow the example of Nadine Gordimer – one of the star billings this year – and ask themselves questions journalists never ask . . .

The North Dakota DMV did relent and reverse itself, granting his request for the license plate originally denied. Still, that doesn't exactly settle the problem, there is still the question of church and state separation.

A Fan of the Doctor

Dawkins Cameo in Dr. Who

Richard Dawkins makes a cameo appearance in recent Dr. Who episode.

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Doctor Who to boost church popularity?

Doctor Who to boost church popularity | Herald Sun

A conference of Church of England vicars watched a handful of episodes from the sci-fi series to study its religious parallels, particularly its themes of evil, resurrection and redemption.

Similarities between the Doctor and Christ, as well as whether the evil Daleks are capable of changing, were also examined.

"There are countless examples of Christian symbolism in Doctor Who, which we can use to get across ideas that can otherwise be difficult to explain,'' The Sunday Telegraph in Britain quoted Andrew Wooding, a spokesman for conference organising group Church Army, as saying.

"Clergy shouldn't be afraid to engage with popular culture as for many young people television plays a large role in their thinking.''

I can help, here is a clip with a message they can use from the current season. There's also a dandy in the episode, "The Face of Evil" they might consider. It features some primitives, that have come to find some technology that they believe is indued with God's spirit. Nowadays it's grilled cheese sandwiches that are the holy relics.

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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


The Dr Who Fan Who 'Found God'

(tip to pedantsareus)

Links With Your Coffee - Sunday

  • "A Cartoon" by Mr. Fish (Harper's Magazine) Bill gives Hillary some advice.
  • "Nietzsche’s Cosmos" (Harper's Magazine)
    In some remote corner of that universe which is dispersed into numberless twinkling solar systems, there was a star upon which clever animals invented Recognition. That was the most arrogant and mendacious minute of “world history,” but in any event it was never more than a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths, the star cooled and congealed, and thus the clever animals had to die. One might invent such a fable, and yet he still would not have adequately illustrated how pathetic, how shadowy and transient, how aimless and arbitrary is this human intellect from the perspective of nature. There were eternities during which it did not exist. And when the story of humankind and its intellect has gone to its end, nothing will have happened. For this intellect has no additional mission which would lead it beyond human life.
  • "Homeland Security, Death Cab for Cutie, Fuzzy Llamas, and the Square Root of Stupidity" by Ken Silverstein (Harper's Magazine)
    At times it’s hard to fathom exactly how stupid our nation has become. And then there’s this: though only reported thus far by MTV News, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently broke up a major terrorist plot that threatened to strike a painful blow to America’s collective loins. The strike was thwarted when DHS agents on the Canadian border confiscated a hard drive containing the song files for a new solo record by Death Cab for Cutie guitarist/producer Chris Walla. “I couldn’t even venture a guess as to where it is, or what it’s doing there,” Walla told MTV. “I mean, I can’t just call their customer-service center and ask about my drive. There’s nothing I can do. I don’t know if we can hire an attorney … is there a black-hole attorney? You can’t take a black hole to court . . . They could be water-boarding my drive for all I know.”
  • Good Math, Bad Math : Doctor Who and Spinoffs
    As many of you know, I'm a big Doctor Who fan. Big enough that I've grabbed all of the episodes of the new series, and its spinoffs, via BitTorrent. (I also buy them on DVD as soon as they become available.) A few folks have asked me what I think of the spinoffs. And I'm sick at home, feeling like hell, not up to doing any work or any serious math writing. So I've been sitting around watching videos, which makes this the perfect time to tell you about what I think of them. I'll run through my opinions of the episodes of the third season of Doctor Who, the first season of Torchwood, and the episodes of the Sarah Jane adventures that have been broadcast so far.

Links With Your Coffee - Saturday