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Reason Makes Demands In Two Directions

I recently watched the Christopher Hitchens - Dinesh D'Souza debate the arguments were not new. Hitchens relied on his stock answers and it lacked the passion and combativeness that I've come to enjoy. Although he answered the question that D'Souza posed namely that since we can't prove without a doubt that God does not exist we have to accept the possibility, I don't think he did it justice. Of course we have to accept the possibility as we have to accept the possibility of other unlikely events eg. standing at the edge of a cliff and believing that if we take the step off we will not fall, that the laws of physics will be suspended, even though we know as certainly as anyone can that we will certainly die, even the religious will accept that premise. But when the immediate stakes are not so high even though the principle is the same they will accept that the physical laws will somehow be suspended and have been suspended in the past. The 'holy books' are replete with examples, the so-called miracles. I'm currently reading Philosphers Without Gods, a collection of essays. The following is from an essay by Louise Antony that I particularly enjoyed, and addresses the question that I believe Hitchens slighted.

Looking back on my development from devout Catholic girl to adamant atheist, I think that it was its bottom-line dogmatism that drove me away from the Church, and indeed, from the very possibility of religious faith. "Faith" presents a paradox: if a doctrine can be defended on rational grounds, then it needn't be taken on faith. But if it cannot be defended on rational grounds, why should you believe it?

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