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Religion in Denmark

American sociologist Phil Zuckerman discusses religion and secularism in Denmark.
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The Pursuit of Happiness

Money, not that important. Why the Danes are considered the happiest people on earth. Full video available here

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Speed Bandits

This movie was made by the Danish Road Safety Council and aims to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 out of 10 Danes still exceed the speed limit on a regular basis. Respecting the speed limits is the simplest way to save lives.

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Freeloaders Damn this crap pisses me off. Frank puts it well.

The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs a randomized Family Circus cartoon with a randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quote. (tip to George)

Denny Hastert model citizen.

Denmarks Prime Minister Condemns latest mocking of Prophet Muhammad

"I strongly condemn the behavior of members of the youth wing of the Danish People's Party," Fogh Rasmussen said. "Their tasteless behavior does in no way represent the way the Danish people or young Danish people view Muslims or Islam."

The videos were posted online earlier this week, drawing criticism and condemnation from Muslim leaders in Egypt and Indonesia.

Members of the youth group could be seen in the video having a drawing contest in August. One woman presented a cartoon showing a camel with the head of Muhammad and beer cans for humps. A second drawing showed a bearded man wearing a turban next to a plus sign and a bomb that equals a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Jack Straw should be praised for lifting the veil on a taboo

Jack Straw was right to make the simple human point that it is rather hard to conduct a conversation with someone wearing the full veil. He was also right to make the further point that the full veil does not help relations between different communities.

He didn't quite say that the veil has no place in a liberal secular society, but if that was his intention I agree with it. This is not to persecute Muslims for their beliefs or deny them rights: it is simply to say that the veil, like it or not, has become increasingly regarded as a symbol of separatist aspiration and of female subservience. Many wear it voluntarily, but it does not stop this being a symbol of women's oppression which stretches back to the times of classical Greece.

The Winner Is

Sony Reader Is a Work in Progress

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Carnival of the Godless #50

Uncomfortably Numb to Torture

"A year ago this week, a military jury convicted Army Reserve Pfc. Lynndie R. England of maltreating detainees," says JoAnn Wypijewski. "So here is the bitter joke: England, the public emblem of torture, was convicted for nothing so awful as what the president and his flank have chosen to protect."

Denmark row: The power of cartoons

"The question everyone is asking is has Denmark learned its lesson?"

WTF, It is not Denmark that has something to learn, other than the realization that many that practice Islam are violent.

Precision Bombs Hit U.N. Troops

The board was "unable to determine why the attacks on the U.N. position were not halted, despite repeated demarches [communications] to the Israeli authorities from U.N. personnel," Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in a statement.


the report by a special board of inquiry could not affix blame because Israel did not allow access to operational- or tactical-level commanders involved in the incident at Khiam.

This Mouth for Hire-Horowitz on Campus

Philosophy professor Kurt Smith debated with Horowitz on the subject of Liberal Professors, leaving Horowitz with a stack of unsold books and his ass in hand.

Smith won boisterous applause for insisting that university classrooms are not public spaces where all speakers have equal rights. In the classroom, he asserted, there is a natural asymmetry, as a consequence of the professor's "experience and credentials." In a dig that caused Horowitz to visibly stiffen, Smith said, "You only have a master's degree in English, have never sat on a hiring committee, and never taught, and yet you are expressing expertise about higher education." He concluded, turning to the audience, "Mr. Horowitz should follow his own advice about professors sticking to their subject areas. Since he has no experience in higher education, he should not offer to solve higher education's problems. He's feigning to be an academic."">

Scientists and Engineers for America a group worthy of support.

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Billmon on the Debacle in Lebanon.
Israel's debacle obviously is not on anything like the same grand scale as Louis Napoleon's. If the IDF were willing to pay the blood price, it could still push Hizbullah back far enough to claim a temporary "victory." If the Israelis were willing to embrace genocide, they could probably "disarm" Hizbullah by destroying it completely. Such things have been done in the past, although in this case the act would have to be played out in full view of a global television audience.

Right now, though, the Israeli government seem to be quailing before those two options. Curiously, it also seems more willing to allow the home front to go on being bombarded than it is to sacrifice the lives of the soldiers who are supposed to protect the home front. The reasons for this are not clear to me, but then I'm not an Israeli.

What is clear is that the failure of Israel's blitzkrieg (and at the moment, it looks like a catastrophic failure, at least politically) will have enormous repercussions in the Middle East, just as the downfall of Louis Napoleon had in late 19th century Europe. By betting the ranch on a quick, decisive victory, the Anglo-Israeli alliance has committed both a crime and a mistake. The architects may escape punishment for the former, but I think the latter is going to come back to haunt them, and probably very soon.
Another day another Bush Administration lie. Worst fucking president ever!

Playing the Atheism Card Against Pat Tillman's Family

You're So Lame song parody by Don Davis with apologies to Carly Simon and note that the song really isn't about James Taylor. It's Bush that's the lame one. Though had it been me I would have played the blame game in the chorus, as in You're to blame, you problably think Iraq was a good move, You're to blame, I bet you think Iraq was a good move, Don't you? Don't you?
Dumb People Make Children Cry PBS fires young, female kiddie-show host over old, naughty video. Smart people groan
It must be said: The biggest threat to children today is not sex or silly videos or sweet TV hosts. It's witless, sexually confused adults. It's trembling bipeds who never have sex and who never drink and who never do drugs and who never have sex while drunk and on drugs while hanging from the ceiling, laughing. They are the true danger to us all. It even says so in the Bible: "Beware, ye who eat food from cans. Beware the whiny and the self-righteous and the humorless hand-wringers, for they shall poop upon the earth." I think it's in Leviticus.

Lebanon: Hezbollah backs peace proposals

Denmark 'happiest place on earth'
If it is happiness you are seeking a move to Denmark could be in order, according to the first scientist to make a world map of happiness.

A nation's level of happiness was most closely associated with health levels.

Prosperity and education were the next strongest determinants of national happiness.
I want and I could use some of this.

Links With Your Coffee Saturday

"I am extremely angry at what they have done with that video footage. I plan on suing them..." -Sean Hannity on THIS DIVIDED STATE

Mocking the right-wing media can be fun as Brian proves.

Cheney Threat

Expuditious has been updated. Check it out.

Stand Up For Denmark Hitchens

President assures nation new appointment will secure critical food supply.

White House 'Discovers' 250 Emails Related to Plame Leak

60 Minutes On Denmark's Cartoons

Muslims March

Telegraph | News | Muslims march over cartoons of the Prophet: "Muslims march over cartoons of the Prophet By Kate Connolly in Berlin

A Danish experiment in testing 'the limits of freedom of speech' has backfired - or succeeded spectacularly - after newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed provoked an outcry.
Thousands of Muslims have taken to the streets in protest at the caricatures, the newspaper that published them has received death threats and two of its cartoonists have been forced into hiding.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen called the cartoons a 'necessary provocation'Jyllands-Posten, Denmark's leading daily, defied Islam's ban on images of the Prophet by printing cartoons by 12 different artists.
In one he is depicted as a sabre-wielding terrorist accompanied by women in burqas, in another his turban appears to be a bomb and in a third he is portrayed as a schoolboy by a blackboard.
The ambassadors of 11 Muslim countries called on Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the prime minister, to take 'necessary steps' against the 'defamation of Islam'.
But Mr Rasmussen, the head of a centre-Right minority coalition dependent for its survival on support from an anti-foreigner party, called the cartoons a 'necessary provocation' and refused to act.
'I will never accept that respect for a religious stance leads to the curtailment of criticism, humour and satire in the press,' he said.

Kurt Vonnegut on Bill Maher

It's a trajedy for me that he's president of my country. You know, my book is called A Man Without a Country,I still have a passport, but if I showed this now in Portugal or Spain or Italy or Germany of France or Denmark or Japan or even communist China, what it would say about me is that I'm not only from the richest country in the world but the dumbest country in the world. Is our President a tragic figure, perhaps, but he doesn't know diddley squat about economics or history or science even how to speak well.

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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

My Beautiful Loss of Faith Story Julia sweeney's new book.
San Francisco Chronicle Review

With conservative Christians calling the shots in Washington, creationism crawling back into the nation's schools and even normally decadent Hollywood hopping onto the spiritual bandwagon, it's a beleaguered time for atheists in America.

Comedian Julia Sweeney, a former Roman Catholic who lost her faith in God, tries to keep her sense of humor. Best known for her portrayal of the androgynous character "Pat" on "Saturday Night Live," Sweeney recently completed a successful run in Los Angeles of a one-woman show, Letting Go of God, which chronicles her own disillusionment with religion.

PZ Myers has the lowdown on William Dembski Intelligent Design superstar, oh and William is more than a little full of himself. "I gave a talk at the prestigious Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark." Find out what the Danes thought of him.

There was a time when satirical pieces were obviously satire these days they are sounding more and more believable. Evangelical scientists Refute Gravity With Intelligent Falling Theory Thanks to Mike and Ray who sent me the link within 15 minutes of each other and then Kitty this morning.

Bush In Denmark

This picture definitely needs a caption, here is a first try.


via Per Madsen

Disasters Waiting to Happen

Thursday January 6, 2005
The Guardian
Jared Diamond author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

The events of Boxing day have shown us all how fragile our existence is. The tsunami was an unavoidable natural disaster, which could happen anytime. But not all disasters are so beyond our control. Our own actions may provoke global catastrophes just as forceful as those in the Indian ocean.

Take the human impact on sea levels. Imagine you live on an island safely 15 feet above sea level. If human-induced climate change raises those levels by only a few feet, the difference man has made could spell disaster in the event of a 12ft tsunami. We cannot stop another tsunami. But the threats of man-made environmental collapse are now more pressing than ever.

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Words Matter

Jonathon Delacour is engaged in an interesting discussion of language well worth the read. In the comments to this post he relates a story about how a single word changed everthing. I'll let Jonathon tell it

I arrived late at a Japanese friend's birthday gathering and someone asked me where I'd been. As it happened, I'd been helping someone paint his new house, so I replied: "Tomodachi no atarashii uchi de nuide tetsudatte imashita." (meaning "I've been helping my friend with painting his new house.") Except I'd used the verb "nugu" instead of "nuru" so what I actually said was "I've been helping out at my friend's place by taking my clothes off."
The story reminded me of an equally embarrassing experience I had many years ago in Denmark. I was spending Christmas Eve with some Danish friends and we were discussing the season. What we liked about the winter as opposed to the summer. I decided to tell them how much I enjoyed skiing, that it was one of may favorite winter pastimes. I wasn't sure exactly how to say it in Danish. I was pretty sure the word ski was the same and so told them how much I liked to ski. The problem was that I used "ski" but some how I muddled it and they misunderstood. I should have said "st� p� ski" (stand on ski) . Why was it important you ask? Well simply put they understood me to say that I liked to shit not ski. They said nothing, but I knew something was wrong. It was only later in a more private setting that I learned the truth. I finally saw the light as we say, an idiomatic expression meaning I finally got it. I prefer the Danish equivalent of that phrase it is much more expressive. "Der g�r et lys op from dig" Word order is everything isn't it. The translation, "There goes a light up from you" much better don't you think?

Grenada On Board

Washington DC — Bush today upped the ante to a cool billion dollars to any country willing to support the war on Iraq. I don't really like the idea of war said Jose-Manuel Durao Barroso of Portugal, but a billion is a billion. Anders Fogh Rasmussen Denmark�s Prime Minister echoed this sentiment when he said oil prices have been going up lately. We can sure use some extra cash. The coalition of the bribed is growing by the hour said an unnamed White House source. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage announced further news in the war effort. He told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that at least two additional countries had offered logistical support. We are happy to have both Haiti and Grenada on board he said.

World Cup Action

My son Chris currently attending the University of Sheffied in England sent me this link Soccer-World-England get conjugal visit if beat Denmark

What I'm wondering is will this be the first time in the history of sport that a team doesn't get screwed if they lose.