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"Bill Maher: Anti-Science Knuckle Dragger?"

[Correction: it's not the Daily Kos staff, but a "member", which I think means anyone with an account who can blog. Took DK out from the title.]

This is nice. I was watching Maher's show tonight after a while to see what he's up to these days. I'd thought even though he'd never recanted publicly all his anti-med and that sort of rhetoric, that brushing up with scientists like Dawkins and Krauss (who was there just a few weeks ago), at least he'd learned that maybe, just maybe, the fact that the science blogosphere considered him a sort of clown almost on a par with Jenny McCarthy, would be deterrent enough to make him think twice before doing another self-mouth foot-putting.

In last night's episode he compares California voters, who rightly rejected a proposition that would have forced companies to label GM products, to people who don't want to know if there is horse meat in their food.

It's very nice to see a very prominent lefty site take him to task. I wonder if even the anti-GM people here would agree with that comparison. His exact words:

New Rule, if you're one of the millions of Californians who voted against labelling genetically modified foods, you can't complain when it turns out there's horse meat in your hamburger, and your sushi is made out of lost cats and condoms.

Also, I'm mad cause I think he just called me stupid. Really, watch that New Rule (video embedded in the DK article), it's unbelievable how many fallacies are in there (game: name them!).