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Qualifications for President

Another in a series of posts I had the good sense not to make.

My son Chris told me I can't joke about John McCain getting shot down as a qualification to be president.

"You saw how your readers reacted to the Obama 08' new disappointment bumper sticker," he said. "You thought they'd all find it as funny as hell, like you did, and what happened, you lost more readers. They've had it with you. It's your very own bittergate. You're clinging to principles above party. You're clinging to some pollyanna notion of what ought to be. You think you deserve a world without kool-aid drinkers disguised as pragmatists. You thought it was funny, they didn't, and now you're talking about making fun of McCain's service to his country with some lame top ten things McCain's getting shot down qualifies him for."

"I protest," I said. "I respect his service, I'd have respected it even if he hadn't got shot down. Taking a million dollar jet out of the garage for just the 23rd time and crashing. Any dad understands how stuff like that happens. Your insurance rates go up, they think you're going to buy them a new one when they get home. They think they can use the experience on their resume, yes I understand."

"You can't joke about it," he said. "It would be in extremely poor taste."

"Okay," I said. " I was having trouble coming up with ten reasons anyway. I would have had to ask for help from the readers and they wouldn't help, they'd think it lame, they'd be disgusted."

"And anyway there's really not much something like that qualifies you for, maybe a character in a J.G. Ballard novel, but that's not funny."

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