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  • Reading the Godless Constitution

    I'm a big fan of the Constitution and I'm all for reading it -- publicly or privately, silently or aloud. If almost anyone else were proposing this stunt, I'd say it couldn't hurt. But I pay attention, and after years of seeing this lot disrespecting national symbols and institutions by reducing them to tribalist slogans and playground taunts I don't relish the idea of these idiots doing the same to the Constitution. I don't want to see it distorted and disrespected the way the John Birchers of the tea party movement treat the American flag, the national anthem, the names and memories of the founders and every other symbol they can usurp for use as a culture-war weapon while failing utterly to comprehend its meaning.

  • Racists Totally Freak Out Over Idris Elba Playing Norse God in 'Thor'

    Did you know that the totally made-up-by-medieval-drunks gods of Norse mythology were all white? Literally none of them were African. We didn't know that, but thanks to the prodigious efforts of the Council of Conservative Citizens and their friends at, the truth has been revealed: Heimdall, Sentry of Asgard, was white and Idris Elba, the English actor hired to portray Heimdall in Marvel Studios' Thor, is black! BLACK!

  • Detroit in ruins

    Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre's extraordinary photographs documenting the dramatic decline of a major American city

  • 'Fracking' Pollution In Water: Pennsylvania Allows Natural Gas Drilling Waste Disposal In Waterways

Thomas Jefferson Pwns Sarah Palin & Her God

(tip to Steve)

Richard Beeman

Richard Beeman discusses the disagreements and compromises involved in writing the Constitution. His book isPlain, Honest Men: The Making of the American Constitution

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Feingold on FISA

While I share Senator Feingold's concern on the FISA bill , his argument that voting for Barack Obama is the solution to our loss of liberty was difficult to listen to. There are reasons to vote for Obama but protecting our civil liberties is not one of them.

Add Your Name to the ACLU's Newspaper Ad.

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Countdown w/Keith Olbermann

FISA Vote Delayed

Objections By Feingold, Dodd Forces Senate to Delay Vote On FISA Bill:

“The Senate delayed until after the July 4th holiday voting on legislation that would hand the White House sweeping new surveillance powers after two outspoken critics of the measure objected to a provision in the bill that would provide retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies that agreed to tap into telephone lines and monitored emails after 9/11 without a court order.

On Thursday, Democratic Senators Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, critics of the legislation, called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to delay a vote on the bill until July 8. At that time, Feingold and Dodd intend to introduce an amendment to strip telecom immunity from the bill. ”

Hero of the Day: Marla Spivak

Oh, how I'd loved to have heard that exchange in person.

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Countdown w/Keith Olbermann
Keith's latest book is Truth and Consequences: Special Comments on the Bush Administration's War on American Values