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For those who have graduated or will graduate, these are for you!

Brahms - you really can't have too much Brahms, and he's been neglected a bit. Johannes Brahms received an honorary doctorate in Philosophy (a serious composer) for the University of Breslau in 1879. Reportedly he only responded with a few words of thanks, and friends admonished him for his discourtesy.

In 1880, he composed his Academic Festival Overture, including in it a number of popular drinking songs: "Wir haben gabauet ein stattliches Haus" (We Have Built a Stately House), "Ich hab mich ergeben," (I Have Surrendered/I Give Up) "Der Landesvater" (Father of His Country),"Was kommt dort von der Höh" (What Comes from there on High), finishing with "Gaudeamus igitur" (Let us rejoice while we are still young; after a jolly youth and a burdensome old age, the earth will claim us). The Danubia Symphonic Orchestra plays it nicely; i have CD re-masters of Cleveland with George Szell and Eduardo Maturet with the Berlin Philharmonic.

Students drinking? The hell you say. Samuel Barber's Overture to the School for Scancal, based on the Sheridan comedy of the same name. I own a nice recording by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Schenk conducting. On youtube, the l'estate on youtube or check out the EMI recording. Also, Wikipedia has each season on the 4 Seasons page. By the bye, we're pretty sure that Vivladi wrote the sonnets that accomany each work. What else you gonna do over a long winter at the Pietá in Venice? Summer: I. Langour caused by the heat (Vivaldi probably suffered from asthma; his chest was "too tight"), II. Awakened by thunder, III. Yup, another storm (there's one in Spring, too).

And for teachers who had a frustrating time with papers that were "researched," this is for you: Lobachevsky.