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Delillo Movie
Is the word 'bum' really offensive?

Children's author GP Taylor was thrown out of a school in Cornwall on Tuesday for using "inappropriate language" to a group of 11-12 year-olds
'Our Inner Ape': Hey Hey, We're the Monkeys" or Republicans are Chimps and Democrats are Bonobos. I'll bet you thought I'd never provide you with evidence that Bush really is a chimp.
Our closest genetic cousins, the apes, are capable of great empathy but also of violent, ruthless killing. Frans de Waal, a prominent primatologist, compares our social behavior with that of two species of apes: chimpanzees and bonobos (which look like smaller, more upright chimps). Despite their physical similarities, the two species behave very differently. Bonobos live in a relatively peaceful matriarchy; when conflicts do arise, instead of fighting they often use sexual activity to resolve them, defusing the aggression with friendly physical contact. Like hippies, they make love, not war. Chimp society, however, is a male-dominated hierarchy based on power. Unlike the gentle bonobos, who seldom kill, chimps will hunt for meat and even kill members of rival groups.
We have "not one but two inner apes," he writes, speculating that humans may act like a hybrid of bonobos and chimps.

Circle of Compassion

Can I pass up the opportunity to bash Bush architect of Dubya Dubya II (not oringinal with Molly Ivins or with me) no. I wonder who first coined that bit. The problem is it has the same sick ring as Dubya Dubya III or Dubya Dubya IV that is if III doesn't end it all. But as Bush has been heard to say at more than one National Security Council Meeting, "Peace is Hell". I've made a Memorial Day Resolution. I will no longer call Bush "the chimp" some chimps have written to me lately outraged at being compared to what they're calling a brain dead Cowboy from Texas. Sorry guys, I just wasn't thinking. Gwynne Dyer as any regular reader knows is a favorite of mine. It was refreshing to see a column that wasn't about the war, or terrorism, or the whatever it is that has Kevin Drum so depressed these days. Gwynne suggests that We Should Grant "Human Rights" to our Closest Living Relatives. I don't know how Kevin feels about it. Here I'll give you the entire column and save you a click. To expand on an argument made in the article it seems to me that if we deny the great apes "human rights" that it is only logical that we deny them to the president of the United States considering the mental handicap he operates under.

Dyer: We Should Grant "Human Rights" to Our Closest Living Relatives
By Gwynne Dyer

Once upon a time it was acceptable to eat people who didn't belong to the tribe. Human beings have come a long way since then, and we may yet go further. We might even make killing some non-humans a crime.

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