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Einstein vs Stephen Hawking - Epic Rap Battles of History #7

Usually I don't like all those science-related music videos that spread through the skeptic/science blogosphere, but I think this one deserves the million views it got in just a couple of days.

I think I got all the puns, except for the one about Sagan, which I'm not even sure if it was a pun.

Time Travel: Possible, or Impossible?

Jack Hokikian, Ph.D. is the author of The Science of Disorder, an excellent book, especially the chapter on he Second Law of Thermodynamics. This essay expands on that chapter; what exactly does the law have to do with the possibility of time travel. The answer is here.

Recently, time travel has received much attention in the media. Books and articles have been written on the subject purporting that time travel is possible and consistent with the laws of physics, and that Albert Einstein supposedly was in agreement with this assessment. [1] This essay examines the situation and reaches a definitive conclusion whether time travel is possible or impossible as far as physics is concerned.

Two statements of Einstein are often quoted, which presumably support the view that traveling into the past is possible. One quotation of Einstein comes from a condolence letter offering comfort to the son and sister of his longtime friend and engineer Michelangelo Besso: “In quitting this strange world he has once again preceded me by just a little. That doesn’t mean anything. For we convinced physicists the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent.” [2] Some scientists have speculated that this remarkable statement was also a comfort to its author, who died a month later in April, 1955. [3]

Einstein was alluding to the fact that nearly all laws and equations of physics, including his theory of relativity, quantum theory and Newtonian mechanics are time-reversible. They make no distinction between future and past.

Does this mean that physics is telling us we live in a reversible world and that the passage of time is merely an illusion? The Second Law of Thermodynamics—the Law of Increasing Entropy—holds the answer.