I thought these things might be clues.

McCain/Palin Mob

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This is a video taken by a pro-Obama blogger at a McCain/Palin Rally in Ohio. I just thought I would share.

McCain/Palin Mob Rally

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  • Wow!

    Don't answer his questions unless he puts them in writing?

  • here's my attempt...

  • I was able to comment but not start a topic.

    Anyway, this video does NOT show a pretty side to those present at the rally. And the blonde seems to want to be the next Ann whats-her-name.

    • Hey - whatever happened to Ann what's her name. She hasn't been around for ages...I guess I shouldn't jinx it but I would love to see her act like she likes Sarah Palin - and Cindy McCain for that matter.

  • The only reason I find this video worth sharing is because I am dumbfounded by the idea that a person could actually believe that for some reason we let a terrorist somehow make it to campaigning for President. How stupid do you actually have to be to believe that?

    I like to imagine that these people were over acting for the camera. The blonde especially was over the top ridiculous.

    "When was the first time you heard about ACRORN?"... "....Today"

    In my opinion McCain and Palin need to stop this nonsense. The only people they are reaching is their already loyal base and it is only pushing them into a frenzy over Obama being a terrorist. One of these nutjobs might actually take this to heart and feel he has to eliminate the terrorist threat.

  • "I am dumbfounded by the idea that a person could actually believe that for some reason we let a terrorist somehow make it to campaigning for President."

    Paranoia makes people very credulous. I'm amazed at the idiotic notions that cynical people believe. In my experiene they can be reasoned with, however. I was just talking today, explaining to someone why it's absurd to think that ACORN could steal an election, why polls are actually pretty accurate, and why it's not very likely that Obama is getting millions in campaign contributions from overseas. And my father in law is frequently calling me up to get an antidote to his outrage about this or that conspiracy.

  • Okay.. why not re-use the word that so perfectly describes my reaction..., DUMBFounding.... The key word Dumb... not intelligent... not free nor self thinking people.. that is what I see when I see that video.. what I see is how scary it is how much the media is in control of THE PEOPLE and how much the government controls the MEDIA... because if not for that.. these people are not spouting off these types of hatred sayings... or more appropriately false and completely fact less statements...

  • I think I believe what... the government... told the media... to tell me about it.

    • I don't exactly understand what the problem with the monkey is. Isn't it Curious George? Because he put a bumpersticker on him?

      • JillBryant...... I don't know if you are asking that in jest or actually asking it seriously, but I will answer it assuming the latter :)

        All the racist bastards in this country started referring to Obama as a monkey, there were tshirts made with curious george looking characters and general monkey characters... one guy even was selling a tshirt with A monkey that said Obama holding a banana (Down south of course)..... If it was not intended to be racist, why not bring a ken doll, why not bring something else?... the guy who refers to the monkey as little Hussein, is obviously racist and been bought into the bullshit about Obama being a muslim as well... this guy is a real treat.. a racist against two things all in one package deal!

        • I was asking it seriously. I didn't know there were monkey remarks - that's the first time I've heard it (or maybe I just haven't been paying attention). I figured there was some kind of reference like the pig on a lipstick Palin thing. What a pathetic fool that man was....

  • If you call Palin a cunt, are you sexist?

    • I don't know if you're a sexist but it's definitely a sexist remark - of the worst kind.

      I don't think I've ever heard anyone use that in my world. No one should ever say that about her.

  • Syngas,

    Doesn't it just make you proud to be an American? Those on the right with racist remarks hanging out at Palin events. I'm guessing from your little comment someone from the left making a sexist comment.

    U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

    I'm proud to be an American, 'cause at least I know I'm free.

    • Wow - you are SO right. Left wing people went to Obama's rally and called out "Palin is a c@nt" and Obama didn't say anything. In fact - he incited them saying - "she pals around with c@nts." And then the robocalls and leaflets went out from Obama's campaign - all feeding into people's worst sexism. Yeah - you really called the parity.

      BTW - did you even notice you were reading it on a liberal site calling it out?



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